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Fringe The Fucked Up Dream Thread


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I had a dream there were abscesses all over my legs and when I pressed one it oozed pus and then red blood cells that kind of looked like translucent jelly beans spilled out of it.


Dreamt I was at the mall food court, wearing a skimpy vegas-showgirl's costume, awkwardly trying to fit between people seated in their chairs and the table at which they were seated, and nervously saying "excuse me.." as if that were enough.


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I had a dream there were abscesses all over my legs and when I pressed one it oozed pus and then red blood cells that kind of looked like translucent jelly beans spilled out of it.
Did the translucent jelly beans turn into Dead Set?


So the last bit of my dreaming last night went like this:

I'm sitting in a room across from my girlfriend (never seen this person IRL). I must have been eating something because I'm cleaning off the end of a large knife with a napkin.

I start to ask the girl why she always seems down and distant, but she doesn't seem to want to say. I lightly urge her that it's ok, she can tell me, and at this point I'm thinking it's something along the lines of normal relationship/crap and that she might want to break up with me.

She finally gives in, and then asks me if I remember the sucking feeling I've felt under the vents. Apparently in her house, instead of feeling the A/C blow on you you'll experience the opposite. I answer yes and she moves over to my side of the table and takes out a couple of photos.

She begins telling me that the pics are of her sister who died when they were little, and that's when I feel a force rip us apart, sending her across the room and me fully awake, heart beating.

I have no idea where the fuck that came from.
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I had one about 4 hours ago where I was at work and no one was working. Just walking around shootin the shit. I walked up to this lesbian girl I work with who was wearing a lot of make up. (She never wears makeup, not that she needs to.) I asked her, "What are you all dressed up for." She said, "I don't know, but I'm fuckin' hot, right?" Just after that, another guy I work with came up behind her and "fake humped" her doggy style and walked away. There were these to girls there that I didn't know, one was blind, both were sexy.

We all go outside, but instead of the parking lot it was a forest. We hung out in the woods for a little and I felt the urge to suddenly leave. I get up to leave and there's an older woman leaning up against a mid 90's Chevy Silverado. I recognized her from real life, but forget her name. She gives me a ride. We drove up a dirt road and across a metal bridge. Right after we crossed the bridge, we heard wolves howling. So I stick my head out the window to take a look and there's a wolf chasing the truck. The wolf somehow jumped in my window. I punched it in the nose, and held it's mouth shut. It eventually jumped out.

Got back in to the city, now I'm walking down the street I live on with my room mate and it's snowing. There's about an inch on the ground already, and there's no traffic. We walk up into the apartment and there's people already in my house partying. The blind girl and her friend were there, and a couple of my friends were there. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink and that was it.


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I was on the Book of Face before I fell asleep last night, lulzing with DB about his profile picture, so I dreamt that I was there while the picture was being taken, laughing my ass off at him while he tried to stay still and balance on the rock.


I have had plenty of weird dreams. One of my weirdest though was when i was walking down an alley way. It was dark, and misty kinda like how i'd imagine a London back alley to be, cobbled and all shadows. In my dream i saw a shadowy figure in the distance, so i crept towards. I pulled out a smith and winston six shooter, and snuck up close enough to shoot the shadowy figure. It dropped, and i walked to it. It was a person, and he had fallen faced first after i shot him. I first ruffled through his pants and only found a broken phone, and an empty wallet. I then flipped the body over, and to my utter dismay, i had shot myself. I was staring at my dead body; i had just murdered me. Then i woke up, and the song playing was by audioslave, and the lyric that i first heard was and i shot him in the head, then he turned around and i realized it was myself.



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So last night I couldnt sleep, when all I could think about was that william was finally home and I'm stuck at my sisters house. I fell asleep 3.30am ish.

Then I dreamed about being chackled in some kind of sepia toned underworld, very much like old london Sherlock Holmes style. I was there caught with some boy, who was some young teen. I "woke" up in the dream between being chackled into a bed with this boy and then being chackled up against a radiator. I tried several times to scream for help but no voice would come out of me. Then also when I tried to scream a desk lamp attacked me, it was made of bronze and it got me choking and gasping for air.

Then finally I got loose somehow, and I planned with this boy where we could go. This goldenfish necklace appeared and I suggested that we could interpret it and find out what we should do. He wanted to runaway to a farm and take it from there. Then the next thing I know I'm scared out of my mind again, I run through sewers and I say to myself "this is a dream, this is a dream!" I know that if I yell long enough I'll wake up. So I did, I woke up several times in my dream, trying to get out a scream, but only a faint voice of air came. Then like a snap, I woke up, almost drowsing off again, but I forced myself to get up and stay awake for a while. Because I was nowhere going near that dream again.


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Got home around 11:00 this morning and immediately went to sleep, had a dream that I was having a snowball fight with my family and a lot of other people and then military tanks come out of the sky and crushed them all, and I started screaming. My dad was next to me, he didn't get crushed. Then I woke up around 4:30 feeling sick.


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i just joined this site just so i could post on this topic
ive always had messed up dreams.. few examples :)
(last one still confuses me..)

i was back in college and there were deer running around everywhere. i started to walk to my dorms and they just started coming from everywhere towards me, but then they all went away except for one. all of its bones were broken. legs off to the sides, ribs sticking out, skull smashed, everything messed up. it started to follow me and kept repeating "you taste good. i love you. stay with me forever" but then i walked through a sliding glass door and it closed it behind me so it just sat there slamming its already broken skull into the pane of glass...

another one. so, you know the movie The Mummy (the one with Dwyane Johnson in it and is half human half giant freaking scorpion)? you remember the little crazy littly midget tribal people in the forest? kinda like the things off of Dont be Afraid of the Dark. so yeah, there was one of those. i was in my friends neighborhood and completely alone. i walked into every house to find my friends/family/loved ones all killed and aranged doing various activities. like eating dinner, watching tv, having sex, sawing body parts off of each other.. so then the little thing started to chase me so i beat the living mess out of it with a baseball bat

these next three are just cool as hell

another one was induced by being perscribed Welbutrin (spl?) and sleeping with a nicotine patch on. i was walking down the road with a bag in my hand for some reason and i looked over and these people were smoking a fatty. i asked if they would pass it over and they did, but when i took a hit everything got all flashy and technicolor. slowly but surely i started to melt onto the grownd where i sunk into the soil, got absorbed by the grass, released into the air in a gassious for, condenced into a cloud in the atmosphere, and came back down as rain. and i felt all of this. freaking mind blowing experience.

also i have had an inception dream. it was lucid and i wanted to see what would happen. every time i fell asleep again in a dream weirder and weirder things started to happen to the point of me not even understanding wtf was going on past about the third one in. i did it seven times. how do i remember that you might ask? because when i decided to wake up i had to wake up seven times then i was laying in bed still trying to wake up again.. spent the next few days thinking i was still asleep.....

when i was in jail (possession) i was in a unit all by my self other than my cellmate. crazy little fckr. so in my dream (it was previously a zombie dream but we had killed all the zombies) all these guys and girls were in a warehouse with me stockpiling supplies like food, amunition, self wellness products, etc. so this little girl walks in out of nowhere. about seventeen y/o, five foot four, blonde shoulder length hair, grey hoodie, dark (very tight) jeans, and red converse. she just takes me by the hand and leads me out of the warehouse. we start walking down the street holding hands (laced) and she starts asking me all of these really messeed up and really personal questions that seem all to be answerable with a yes or a no. this goes on for about two minutes before i become lucid. i say to her "wait. im dreaming. but im not dreaming of you. you arent supposed to be here..! what the hell are you doing in my dream??" so she just smiles and starts laughing harder and harder. at that point i thought it would be a good idea to wake myself up. so in inhale deeply in my dream (this always makes me wake up for some reason. very helpful at times) and wake up on my bunk. im just sitting there a few seconds thinking about my dream, getting my berrings on whats going on, when i hear my cellmate on the bottom bunk saying "yes. yes. no. yes. no."....... so i wait for him to stop, then i jump off the bed and shake him awake. i ask him "do you remember your last dream?" he says "ummm.. yeah, why whats up?" i respond "in your dream was there a girl about seventeen y/o, five foot four, blonde shoulder length hair, grey hoodie, dark (very tight) jeans, and red converse that held your hand laced and asked you really personal questions while walking down the road??????" AAAAAND his jaw drops. he starts looking all crazy eyed at me and screams "What the fck is going on?!?! wtf did you do to me?!?!"

so those are the odd ones, but not the really effed up ones. just thought i might try to contribute to the fucked up dream thread :)
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Well in that case; I had a crazy dream about a penisbutt yesterday. There was this great big dog, with a nasty smile and a pink shirt. In his mouth was this penisbutt thing; half burnt.

Craziest dream ever.


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just thought i might try to contribute to the fucked up dream thread :)
That was a valid contribution, but posting in old threads - a.k.a. "necroposting" - is generally frowned upon here. Not entirely against the rules, but something that's best avoided. If the thread's really old (in this case, ~2 years old), then you're better off starting a new thread. Referencing the old thread is a good idea, too.

All this and more can be found in the site rules here, and the specific bits about necroposting is here.
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I've been very stressed out and I've been having some rather excessive odd dreams but last night was pretty funny.

In the dream we were going on another vacation but we were driving while looking for a bus to get on to take us to .... Amazing City! We finally find some dirt road turn around where the buses pull in and droves of people pull in rather quickly to get a seat on the bus. I pull up and park while the other three people grab their bags and run in the direction of the buses.

I look around and everyone that is headed to the buses have a pitcher of tea with them along with their bags. I grab my bag and notice my passengers forgot their tea. I grab my bag and attempt to carry four pitchers of tea. I start heading to the buses but then I realize, I don't know which one they got on.

Sorry for the necropost but if you search dreams for thread titles, there are too many to make another one.
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Why the heck is this thread in the News area? :confused:

I've had this reoccurring dream for quite some time now.

Back when it first started, I used to play chess way more frequently than I do now, so I dreamed chess strategies very often. This specific one haunts me for days, sometimes weeks, at a time. In this particular dream, I'm standing on a life-sized chess board. That scene in the first Harry Potter movie, where Ron Weasley is directing the pieces on that huge chess board in the end, is right on the money. It's like that; except the pieces are spill flesh and blood when they are destroyed in my dream.

So, I'm standing at E3, which makes me (presumably) a pawn. I'm stuck in check, because the enemy Queen is standing at E6, and my King is behind me at E1. The enemy pieces look exactly like mine, except are oozing greasy black sludge, differentiating themselves from my pieces. I'm also losing; very badly.

The enemy Queen is the only other human piece; it's a man, also dripping with grease, that kind of looks like Wednesday 13. He's lounging on his greasy throne, and smirking at me, directing all of the other pieces. He counters all of my moves to the tee (since I am playing myself), and every time he murders one of my pieces, he calls out the same line in a mocking, sing-song tone: "If he only knew the you that WE know!"

"He" is always different, and is never actually visible, but I can sense "his" presence in my dream, watching, off to the side of the chess board.
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I'm resurrecting this thread because of a strange dream experience I had while taking my afternoon nap. I woke up with a start from a nightmare. The nightmare itself was not the strange part, although the details are a bit spine tingling under the circumstances... The strange thing was the realization that this nightmare was part of a series of nightmares that I have been having, but this was the first time my conscious mind has become aware of the dreams. As such, I don't know how many I have had, or how long they have been going on, I just know that this particular dreamscape was very familiar, and I have been there at least 5 times. I should have written this as soon as I awoke when it was all fresh in my mind, but I'm going to try to remember as much detail as I can.

I'm always in this small, quiet town, set somewhere wooded and mountainous. It's very grim, there's a feeling of dread hanging over this place. A friend of mine is there, in a house a ways outside of town. I believe I am there visiting him. There is some sort of evil spirit or demonic presence terrorizing the people of this town. This is where it gets a little weird and meta... The spirit first terrorizes it's victims in their dreams, before causing them to die in some bizzarre freak accident in real life. In my dream, I have one of these dreams. I can't tell you many details about the dream within the dream, but I remember the demon appears in the form of a man wearing a turban. his face is covered, or in shadow, and he has belts or straps crossing over his chest. My friend knows the lore about the spirit, someone close to him has been killed. In these dreams I'm trying to find a way to stop it before it kills me or anybody else.

These dreams have some aspects that recur, and some aspects that seem to progress with each dream. I always have the dream within the dream where the spirit mocks me. There's always a gig that I am playing in a small smoky dive, and while I'm onstage, someone in the place is killed. I don't remember details on how. Other than those two events, everything else seems to be an ongoing plot that advances with each dream. Within the dream, I can remember the things that have happened in previous "episodes" but right now I can not. Every time, my friend and I uncover more background or info on the spirit, and find new allies who also know of the spirit, but more people die every time too. In the dream I had today, It almost got me when my tie (why was I wearing a tie?) got caught in some sort of machinery that started suddenly on it's own, but somehow I managed to stop the machine or get the tie off.

That's about all I remember. The things about all this that gave me chills, were the realization that I've been having these dreams repeatedly, but have been completely unaware of them until now, and the main premise of the dream; a spirit who haunts you in your dreams before coming for you IRL. Creeped me right the fuck out.
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