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The future is ticking

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The year is the future, the day is today, the time is ticking.

I wondered naked through a vineyard, a smug jellyfish challenged me to a duel, it stuck it's blade through my gullet and I fell atop a mound of dead mice....

The year is sometime today, the day is ticking towards the future.

I saw stars and Neptune, the jellyfish struck again, this time it's aim to remove my head, I craftily dodged the blade, whipped out my colt 45 and punched a round of lead squarely between it's arrogant eyes....

The future is ticking and today is the future.

unfazed, it's gelatinous head absorbed the bullet, knowing when I'm out gunned, I turned on my heels and made haste, the jellyfish in hot pursuit, in my pockets were dead mice...

There is no future, the clock stopped ticking at quarter to one.

the jellyfish gained on me, I felt it's hot breath upon my neck, it's tentacles tickling my back side, in my pockets were half dead mice...

yesterday the future was ticking loudly

I was in the digestive tract of the jellyfish, I was blind, my skin was on fire, in my pockets were hungry mice, they ate the jellyfish from within, I fell to the floor with a slop and a thud....

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