The gambler's son


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Little Johnny's dad was a retired gambler. Having picked up a
few of his old man's bad habits, Johnny wagered on anything and
everything, and he was good at it. Eventually, it became such a
problem, that Johnny's teacher called his father to discuss it.
After a long conversation, they decided to teach him a lesson.

One day after class Johnny approached his teacher. "You're not
really blonde," he said. "I've seen your bush and it's pitch
black, you dye your hair." "I most certainly do not," she
replied. "I bet you ten bucks you do," he said. She saw that
this was an opportunity to teach him a lesson, so she waited for
all the other children to leave the class and took off her
pants, showing him that her pubic hair was the same color as the
hair on her head. Johnny paid her the ten dollars and walked
sullenly out of the room.

A few hours later Johnny's teacher called his father. "I think I
finally taught him a lesson," she said. "The hell you have," his
father said angrily. "This morning he bet me $50 he'd see your
cunt before the end of the day."