The Great American Heartland


Angel of Death
Upon reading this I want you to know it started out to be somthing about the heartland, my own personal experince. What I learned from my parents. It shifted into being something slightly diffrent then that.

It should also be noted that it was insipred by a guy, from cali.. a teacher nonetheless who was bashing our midwest states..... So please ignore the angry tone that comes off as if its directed towards people in our coastal cities. Also This is a ruff draft of something I kind of want to rework a little bit later so ignore the grammar and spell errors. Some of the wording might be a little funk atm. I am not trying to say I am wrong or right, just something I started to think about... and thought it would be cool for people to see it a diffrent way.

So I hear people talking on the west and east coast. Talking all your politics, trying to sum up what’s wrong with America. And just who are these crazy idiots coming from the Midwest, your fly over states, is there anything really there? I give you a slight over look of the Midwest from my life…I may not have higher degree of education that comes from some fancy college hanging on my wall but I know a thing or two about hard work. Take my parents for example….

My mother spent most of her days working piece work in a factory making clothes we couldn’t afford. She worked her hands to the bone, pulling in all hours of overtime. She never took a break nor even a lunch hour. She worked all damn day long. The harder you worked the more you got paid.

When she got home and you could see in her face. She still took time out to show me the beauty in life. She may not of been able to take me on any cruses or all over Europe, but she could tell me all about the history. She could show me all the art and when I was 8 she was reading me Shakespeare. She gave me a gift of poetry and understanding of words that few can ever have.

There isn’t a book in our small town library that my mother hasn’t read. She has higher educated on a different level., she can work mathematics all with inside her mind before you even hit that button on your calculator. She can look at something and pull it together and make it work twice as fast. She made it through life the hard way with all the worse of luck. But she made it.

When the time came in high school to celebrate prom and all the dances. Some how I knew there was no money to be had on a $150 dress. I never even asked, but my mom came to me and ask me what I wanted my dress to look like. She measured me and before I knew I had the most beautiful dress of them all. Yeah it shimmer so perfect and you should of seen them all stop and stare, “did you get that at the gap?” someone would ask or did you “order it from California like I did mine” I just stopped and smiled and had to laugh, my mother made it.

Now while my father may not know a single word from some famous Broadway play or even sing a note in key, he can teach you a few things about being a man. When we lived in a house from hell. A “chicken coop” that’s what they called it. The roof was fallen in, the pipes froze and busted every winter and you would wake up in see your breathe every morning. It was my father who designed and built us a new house to call our own. All why working 12 hour days never missing 1 day of work to do it in. There was no loan from the bank, he bought it piece by piece. So no matter what its always his and he didn’t owe anyone a dime for it.

Even with all the hard times my father still gave me an appreciation for the outdoors. Have you ever watched the northern lights dance across the moon at 4:30 am? Have you heard someone play the National Anthem on their duck call? Can you tell me what type of bird is in the sky by just the way it flies? Have you ever just sat and watch the way the geese leave a pond just before sunrise or seen an eagle swoop down to catch it prey. I have seen and heard all of this and it still takes my breath away. He showed me all the beauty in this prairie land. I learned to dance in the mist of firefly to smell the beauty of the wild rose and leave it lay for others. I have stumbled upon a den of baby red foxes. To watch them play and be carefree and on many different occasions I have got to witness a mother feeding her baby fond, they don’t teach you simple things like that in school

My mother and father also gave what little we had to help others. Be it offering them wild game, giving them a seat at our table. Offering shelter to my friends who came from abusive home or helping the guy I loved find his place in life. It’s easy to donate the money when you got it, but lets see you donate it when you don’t. I watched my father help people pull motors and rebuild engines for nothing. All cause that person needed a way to get to work. I learned more from them and this state then I will ever learn in lifetime of different schools.

So now you may wonder what people from these Midwest states know about America and it’s economy. We know quite a bit to be honest. Maybe it is cause we have had a better look at things for quite awhile. 26 years my mother worked in that factory and that job now rest over seas. 300 people in one small town with out work. That’s just one factory in one town. They shut down 8. Gateway, has since laid off more then 2,000 people, those jobs now rest overseas as well. Some of those people are to young to retire and to old to start over.

Very seldom in the papers do you hear of entire family farms going under because big corporations out of California or New York come down here and buy up all our land. Set up huge farming facilities and undercut the little guy. All while still paying our land taxes making and earning higher pay in a different state. You missed the part about Medicare and the high price for drugs that our senior citizens are paying. You missed reading or hearing story of those people eating dog food or going with out heat in their home. How long has this been truly going on? Read the book Broken Heartland. Its been happening since the mid 1980’s.

We warned you long ago. We said hey support America. Buy products made in America , but that cheap price tag had your name on it and you didn’t listen. So more factory shut down, more jobs lost, more small towns died out and more schools closed and boarded up their windows. We tried to tell you that changes needed to be made to protect our jobs. That America’s economy was slipping but all the numbers looked good in Wall Street. So who really cares about some pathetic farmer in South Dakota thinks.

When gas prices first started to rise are farmers said hey look, we have ethanol, it’s a corn based fuel. People and senators from New York, California, Florida, Washington fought against it. Now you look at California in a mist of energy crises. These are the states that yell the loudest about our fuel being so high. So let me ask you this why did it take Tom Dashceal two years of fighting for this corn base fuel to get funding to set up more plants and be better utilized?

These problems that America is now facing are the same problems that the Midwest has been facing for 10, 15 maybe even 20 some years. However its easy to ignore us, we don’t have the huge electoral votes… We don’t have the cities with half a million people in them, we just have farm land right? Tractors, cows and live stock? We Don’t matter….

So now you are starting to see this, it is starting to affect you. Who is to blame? Bush? I mean things were so great before he was in office. Right? Or maybe it was just an illusion, that allowed so many people to miss what was going on in the core of America. Maybe it can not be blamed on our president or just our leaders. Maybe some of it falls on us, we the people. Some on large corporations who want quantity over quality at a lesser price. Some on our local and state leaders… and a small % that truly rest on our past and former president(s).