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The Haunted Stapler


Kiss my Converse
Smoke said:
Wow, people are so retarded. The 'orbs' as they call it, is the light off the flash off the camera. :thumbsdn:
lol @ my wife for sending me a picture last week of her with a "orb" in it ... she was so excited about it to ... I did'nt feel the excitement :rolleyes:
And somebody paid $10 bucks for it! Not so bad as the woman who sold her father's ghost. I don't have a link, but the story goes:
The woman's child was afraid of his grandfather and after the man died her son was afraid his grandfather's ghost would come back to haunt him. To alleviate her son's worries, she told put the ghost up for auction. Some company actually bought it for an outlandish sum of money. Strange but true.