The @$$hole I have become!


Why is it when a womans crying, a man just wants to hold and comfort her!? Or, Why is it when it's the mans fault the womans crying the guy just wants to bash his skull into a wall because of the asshole he has become!?
It starts like this!
I knew this girl when I was 12 years old, we where good friends! By highschool we where dating, we went out for four years! In the last couple of years she started to get really jealous and protective, she refused me to go out, so out of respect for her I stayed in every night. By the end of that relationship my self esteem was kicking around on the floor beneath me! Then there was Ashley, The sweetest women you could find. Sexy, funny, and so damn intelligent! We've been toghther for 3 years now! 3 weeks ago I had a friend come up to me and tell me she was cheating on me with this guy I know! I confronted her about it and she told me it was nothing to worry about......So why did I dig threw her purse and check her call history on her cell phone???? Well sure enough there's the guy number! Call time 2:45 am. It was a missed call!? Immediately i woke her up and flipped about it, she started to cry telling me there was absolutley nothing going on, she told me she loved me with all her heart and held me so tight!............Well I beleived her because I love her and got on with life! Last night she went out to a party, I stayed in cause I seem to have gotten acustom to the no party life since I never partied during highschool cause of my first relationship. The whole time she was out all I could think of was guys gropping her and eye humping my girlfriend! Walking by and slapping her ass or some dumb drunken shit like that! She came home, I flipped out, she cryed assuring me of her love. The look in her eyes are so convincing, she talks on how she wnts to marry me and have my babys! This doesent sound like a girl that would cheat! RIGHT!????
I feel like I have become my Ex girlfriend and I am now taking it out on Ashley, I don't want to hurt this girl! I don't want to get hurt again! When she cryed tonight I felt like the biggest peice of shit ever. I couldn't even look into her eyes, no matter how much she begged me too! Why won't these thoughts of her cheating on me stop in my head!?


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thats crappy. don't do onto others as you don't want done onto you. get it out of your system, either really investigate the cheating situation and find evidence or lack thereof or quit acting like that towards her. it'll kill the relationship.


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Dude, it seems like you really love this girl. So don't fuck it up by being an idiot.

First, you can not blow up like that without any proof. That accomplish nothing! If you keep it up you will end up loosing her.

Second, go talk to the guy who said she was cheating on you. Tell him to give you exact details of what he knows. Time/Dates and that sort of thing. Also, tell him if he was lying you will KICK HIS ASS. In this case I would help you, if I lived close to you.

Third, do some type of investigation. If you do not have time or even if you do but don't want to follow her. Have one of your close friends do this. You must have proof she was cheating on you. Even a private investigator.

Forth, if you know the guy she is suppose to be cheating on you with. Go out and have beers with him. When your girl goes out, make sure you call him up and ask him to go get a beer or something. If he says yes when your girl stays home and no when she is going out. Follow that cock sucker and find out what he is up to.

So when you got proof, flip the fuck out and tell her what the fuck she think she was doing and kick her our. Once a cheater most likely always a cheater. Why even deal with a bitch that will cheat on you.

Remember, the guy that told you she was cheating could like your girl and wants to see you guys apart so he can get her in the rebound.

Also, by the end of this story you must kick someone's ass or kick someone out. It is just the way it goes.

Good luck. Report back.


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ya know honestly i went through the same thing. I was a true asshole and treated my girl like shit. I ended up breaking up with her. Ya know what though? Even though i treated her so badly she still forgave me when i apologized about a year later. Nobody else forgives me honestly for my immature behavoir but she does and that's what matters most. My advice is either seek help for your behavoir or let her go. I had some growing up to do and i could not do it with her there. Now i am more mature, she has found a better boyfriend for herself, i found a great gilfriend for myself and we both still remain friends. Just get yourself straightend out becuase you obviously still have some problems that were not dealt with unfortunutly. Best of luck to ya


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If you don't trust her enough to beleive she's not cheating on you, then you're not ready to get married.

Just an observation.


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If I was lucky enough to get with a woman, and we loved each other a lot, I'd never do anything to hurt her. I don't understand guys who treat their girlfriends bad, emotionally or physically... I really don't. It seems to me like if you're lucky enough to be loved, you should do everything in your power to keep from losing that person.
If I'm ever lucky enough to find the right girl for me, I'm going to do everything I can for her to make her happy, and I'll never raise a hand or my voice to her... It's not worth it to hurt someone you love over something stupid.

If you suspect cheating, you gotta really step back and take a good look at the situation. Evaluate the credibility of the person who informed you. Ask questions. Make sure you got your facts straight before blowing up.

If she's not cheating, great! You didn't blow up and hurt her for no reason at all.
If she is cheating, then you two probably aren't meant to be together anyway, and can either try to work it out or separate in a calm, mature manner.

Just my :twocents:

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I gotta say from what you said she's playing you. Keeping you for security while she fucks other guys. I don't mean to be an asshole about it but thats what it seems like to me. Just get your facts right before you confront her about it again.