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i wrote this out before, but me being the idiot that I am, I cut and copied it, but cut something else before I got the chance to paste it somewhere else, so I guess I have no choice but to type this all out again.

I was watching a documentary with Sam Neill about extra terrestrial life on other planets, and I know there have been countless documentaries about it, but this one actually addressed some things that have really been bothering me, well not so much bothering as annoying.

Since the scientists have been looking to Mars for other life, they have been saying some really dumb shit that has been pissing me off. They say that they have to find elements like water and oxygen before they start looking for life, otherwise life wouldn't exist.

But who says aliens need oxygen and h2o to survive?

The points Sam was making that help prove that theory lies here on this very planet, 2 km's underwater in the ocean. We've all heard of those underwater volcanic vents where it's constantly spewing out volcanic toxic sulphur gases etc., well there are life forms that thrive and flourish in these impossible conditions. The water is at least 100 celsius, which shuold theoretically boil them alive, but they live here, crabs, fish, corals, organisms and other creatures. They live here.

So who's to say that they need oxygen and water to survive on a planet? It's hardly fair, they're just assuming that inter-planetary beings need to live in the same conditions as this, just look at the different continents and the different climates, it may not be as extreme as different atmospheric compounds, but it still represents something. Say, animals that live in antarctic conditions would die in tropical conditions, so there.
I say that whatever nearest planet holds life doesn't even have oxygen.

But one thing that Sam Neill was talking about was pissing me off.
Well, actually two.
He was showing a model of the universe. We haven't even been outside our own fucking solar system, so how can we say what the universe looks like? It's sad... and the other thing he was drivelling about was how we've been sending radio and television signals, and that they've been going for the past 50 years, which means that they have reached out 50 light years, which also means, according to Sammy the squid, that they have only just reached the nearest star, or solar system. He said that if that is the case and there is life in the nearest solar system, it should take a further 50 years for the signal, or their message to be returned to us. So he's immediately assuming that they are just as technologically capable as we are, or on the same level at least.
Who's to say that they aren't more developed than us and have a better, faster way of signalling us? Like broadband for the universe (haha). Who's to say that they are even capable of this technology? Who's to say they already know of life out there and don't give two shits about us and are choosing to ignore us? Who's to say they are avoiding our corrupt, planet destroying ways? Huh? I ask you! We see ourselves as so superior. And here I go off on another subject, I wonder if I should just make another blog for it.... wait no, I'll just finish this.

I was watching the news the other day, and they were just talking about Tasmanian wool exports. Now, it was the images they were showing of the sheep being sheered then I thought about other things. Thoughts led to thoughts led to thoughts, and WHAM next thing you know, I despise the human race all over again.
What happens if you go and steal the shirt off a mans back? Well, more than likely you'd get charged. It's not just that, if you steal anyones possessions, you get charged. These sheep grow their wool, we shave it off, they're left with nothing. It's as if we still have this idea that animals are put on this planet for us to use and abuse. Like "next year we can expect a large influx in the lamb market" is like saying "next year we can expect over 30 000 sheep to be slaughtered by getting their throats cut and left to bleed to death, we will then hack up there bodies and eat it. I won't lie, I like eating meat, but the WAY that we just expect these animals to live to die for us is harsh for them. We breed sheep to kill. We breed cows to kill. We breed chickens to eat their babies, or their embryo's or whatever. It's hard to explain, and it's probably all been said before, but these animals probably had dreams, and they only get to spend 2 or 3 short years on ths earth before they're carted off to the slaughterhouse.
I want to run for prime minister, but I'd fail the drug test. Haha, but if I could, I'd fuck off the whole human rights bullshit and the animal rights crap, because in reality, animals have no rights in our world, they only have that little bit of charity and welfare to look after them, but apart from that, they are here to 'serve us'. It says so in the bible as well, and they can use that as the excuse to exploit them. If I was prime minister, I'd give animals the same rights as humans, I'd fine or imprison people who run over animals with their cars. I'd shoot motherfuckers who use 1080 poison, and I'd make sure all animals that aren't native to the country that are causing problems are rounded up and exported to their homelands.
You see, why do we kill rats? Is it because they're a pest? Yes. Same with termites and everything else. It's becuse they're pests. But really, humans are the biggest pest this planet has ever seen. We are like termites in a lot of ways, we spread, build our cities and destroy everything from there, and we have the nerve to call harmless bugs 'pests'. We are a plague. The human race is a plague and we are destroying the world faster than we can fix the problems we cause. We are fixing problems with more problems. Landfill, pollution, killing animals, we're almost the same as foxes running loose in Tassie, we only have a few, but they are causing havoc.

I'm talking to Ama and Triangle Toes as I type this, so if you guys read this, HI!!!!

There's another two cents of mine.
I'm sick of gothic people putting their shitty death poems on here, they're so pointless. If you worship death, go fucking kill yourself you losers. Stop bringing us all down. Oooh, look at me, I dress in black. waa waa waa, I cry about shit poems I write. Goh has now become mainsteam. I'm not gothic! Goths worship death! I worship the downfall of mankind! There's a difference! We are a plague! Kill the plague! Shoot your neighbour! Anticipate the destruction of us! We will kill ourselves before the apocolypse.

PS> What is the difference between the apocolypse and armageddon?