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Headlines The human race is most likely to be eradicated by...


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Itself, with the help of nature.

I say (this is just speculation) that in 2100, the world will be disgusting and dangerously polluted. In 2200, earth will be pretty much desertic.

I say capitalism is to blame : money rules the west, and environmental lobby does not have a big enough impact. Most north american people don't even give a shit, or think like Dan Geo that "environmental propaghanda" is bullshit.


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We will definately destroy ourselves, the only question is how? It could very well be when aliens come to kill us all, but we decide not to give them satisfaction so we launch nuclear war and blow ourselves up, or possibly the pollution will make the sun mutate us. Perhaps our race will live so long that the sun expands into our planet and we die after being horribly mutated. It's all fun speculation, really. ^_^


we would most likely be destroyed by a nuclear war or something that our stupid presidents in the future will cause.


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Mother Nature is gonna wipe everything out!!! We have made her mad with all the pollution and misuse of our natural resources and she rearing her ugly head at us. A woman scorned..........


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We'll screw ourselves over, just don't know how. Technology? Economy? Elvis impersonators? The refrigerator repair dude's ass crack? Who knows. And why da EFF would Aliens come here anyways? They probably watch us like we watch reality t.v. They'll be laughing at us earthlings be dorks until we finally check out. (psssst.....the ratings R thru the roof!). But there are things I know won't cause our demise:

No, it won't be killer man eating bees, whales, aligators, snakes, or tomatoes.

No, the Deceptacons aren't gonna blow up the world (but Megatron would kick your ass if he heard U say that.)

No, we won't find out that Pamela Anderson's implants are made from C4 explosive plastique instead of Silicone and blow us up. :bomb:

No, Chuckie's evil spawn won't devour us one by one.

No, pigs won't fly, Tupac Shakur won't make another album from the grave, and the moon isn't made from blue cheese.

No, Barbie didn't cheat on Ken with was Duke, the G.I. Joe ;) .

No, Mario and Princess Daisy never screwed. But Luigi DEFINITELY cleaned her pipes! PARTY!

No, Dracula will not suck the blood of innocent virgins (the two that R left on this planet anyways) and vamperize the whole planet.

No, E.T. didn't phone home and tell his cousins that earth was the toilet of the universe and that someone should flush it :takeshit: .

No, Buddah really isn't wearing a thong under that toga, Ala is actually the dude working the hot-dog cart three blocks away from my job, and Jesus is raiding your fridge for beer.

And no, it won't be Professor Plum, Ms. White, Colonel Mustard, Ms. Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green......but.......

Yes, the butler DID do it. :confuse: :terr: JINKIES!
It sucks that we will probably blow ourselves up before we get to colonize anything outside our own planet. we will never live to see the days of science fiction coming to real life :thumbsdn:

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dull_bullet said:
It sucks that we will probably blow ourselves up before we get to colonize anything outside our own planet. we will never live to see the days of science fiction coming to real life :thumbsdn:
yes, but right before the world ends we will send the president and 5 of our best scientists on a rocket ship bound for a galaxy far away, and they will be forced to repopulate on another planet.


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Some genius somewhere will develop an energy source that becomes unstable right off the bat and blows up a good chunk of the planet. That or disease, are the most likely suspects.


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My science teacher thinks that by about 2008 we will start running out of oil and everything will stop working (because pretty much everything in your room uses oil in some way, be it to oil the machines that make it or oil itrself). Im rather skeptical, however, and she seems to think that its going to cause massive wars, major lifestyle changes etc.