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The Jacket


So my plans fell through this Friday and I decided that since I was exhausted from my week it would be a good idea to rent some movies and just kick it. So I rented The Jacket and Dodgeball, thinking the Jacket was gonna be a complete waste of time but, as you know from my previous posts, Kiera Knightley is my girlfriend on the side so it wouldn't be a total loss.

I was surprised to realize that I actually enjoyed it. Visually and stylistically it was fun to watch. Mixing avante garde, experimental filmmaking with incredible acting. The cast was flawless. I wasn't expecting it.

The only thing that sucked was the sex scene. So frenetic, cuts all the way through, didn't really fit with the flow of the film. In the mini doc they showed the original sex scene. I thought it worked a lot better. Very stylish.

We've seen so many sex scenes in movies I think one of the biggest challenges is doing something innovative and interesting with it.