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The Jig is up, The news it out, You finally found me.


Well I am back from a long vacation again. I went kayaking, biking, swimming, hiking, and paintballing. I had lots of fun and I also have tons of blister. I got sunburn on top of my sunburn. My muscle are aching from all this exercise. My face hurts from all the sunburn. I went fishing and caught about 6 fish. I have welts all over from the paintballs and I have lots and lots of blisters on my feet from hiking and running. I went Driving for hours. I went and stopped at this place called the "Craters of the Moon". It is were all these valcanoes were and caves. I went walking for about 15 miles around that place.

I have noticed that has changed alot new smilies and new stuff. Would you please enlighten me on anything new?


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So the big question Linksy is

"Did you get head?"


Did you? It was vacation after all...

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
UberSkippy said:
We didn't find you. To find something, or someone, you first have to be looking.
Yeah.. me and uber was busy, hey, let's not kid ourselves, we're not the greatest people at finding stuff, what were we doing again? I can't remember. :happysad: