The Last Night ~ A dramatic scene


The Last Night

Scarlet: A vibrant young woman in her early 20’s who was named for her curly auburn
hair. She is kind hearted and mild in temper.
Devin: Scarlet’s fiancée. He has an angry streak in him that can’t be rivaled. He has dark
brown hair and fiery green eyes. His build is 6’3” and 200 lbs.
Officer: An older man in his 50’s who’s seen more than his share of violence in his career.

Setting: Scarlet has just gotten home from her friend Rebecca’s house for the evening.
Devin is drunk and has been in a foul mood all day.

(Scarlet sets down her purse on the kitchen table and turns to see Devin with a beer bottle in hand and a scowl on his face.)

Devin: Where the hell were you?

Scarlet: I was at Rebecca’s house tonight. I left you a note on the table here.

(She points to the note that is still on the table right where she left it.)

Devin: And while you were out gallivanting about town, who was going to make my supper?

Scarlet: I made a hot dish earlier today and put it in the fridge for you to heat up when you got home. There was even pie on the stove for desert.

Devin: God damn it! When I get home I want my food hot and on the table and I want my woman home!

Scarlet: I’m sorry. But Devin, can’t I ever go out? Since we’ve been engaged it seems like I’m not “allowed” to do anything anymore. What happened to us?

Devin: What happened to us? What happened to you?! I work my ass off all day long and when I get home I find out you’re off on the town with Rebecca or Amy or God knows who. What the fuck do you even do with them? Go out and slut around town?

Scarlet: Devin, you know damn well we don’t do that.

Devin: Oh, I do huh? Coulda fooled me with that outfit you have on.

(Scarlet is wearing a skirt that goes to her knees, a blue blouse, and sandals.)

(Scarlet raises her voice. She is now as angry as Devin is.)

Scarlet: This isn’t a slutty outfit Devin. This is what I wore to work today. You aren’t the only one around here to work for what we have.

Devin: Oh yeah. (Devin rolls his eyes.) You and your fru fru job. I forgot. You work so damn hard sitting at that cushy desk all day. You want to know what work is Scarlet? Work is busting your ass for 12 hours a day 6 days a week pouring cement, putting up walls, climbing in the rafters, shingling a roof. That’s work Scarlet.

(Scarlet turns to leave but Devin grabs her arm and holds on tightly.)

Devin: Don’t you dare walk away from me. I’m not finished with you yet.

Scarlet: Yes you are. I’m not going to sit here and listen to your shit. I work just as hard in a day as you do. Just because it isn’t as physical doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as hard.

(Devin snorts.)

Scarlet: Fuck you Devin. I don’t even know why I said yes. This relationship is hell!

(Devin strikes her hard on the cheek.)

Scarlet: Devin, let go of me. This is the last time you’re going to lay a finger on me. I’m out of here.

Devin: The only way you’re leaven’ me is in a pine box Scarlet.

(Scarlet tries to get out of his grasp to leave. Devin lets go and Scarlet runs up the stairs and locks herself in the bedroom to pack her things.)

(Devin knocks on the door about a half an hour later.)

Devin: Scarlet, let me in. I’m sorry for what I said earlier.

Scarlet: (Shouting through the door through her tears.) No you aren’t sorry. You always say you’re sorry. This time I’m not gadda buy it Devin. We’re over and there’s nothing you can say or do to make me change my mind.

(Devin is in a rage again and beings to pound on the door harder.)

Devin: You let me in NOW! You hear me Scarlet?


(Devin breaks down the door with his foot. In his hand is a hand gun.)

Devin: I told you, the only way you’re leaven’ me is in a pine box Scarlet.
Scarlet: Oh my god. Devin, you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re doing.

Devin: I know exactly what I’m doing.

(Scarlet reaches for the phone and runs for the bathroom door. Devin shoots the phone receiver.)

Devin: Who do you think you’re trying to call? Not the police I hope. They won’t get here in time. Not to save you.

(He steps toward the bed where her bags are packed.)

Devin: So you really were planning on leaven’.

(He walks over to her and picks her up off the floor where she’s cowering. He kisses her on the lips.)

Devin: Goodbye Scarlet.

(He aims the gun at her when he hears sirens outside.)

Devin: Fuck you Scarlet. When did you call the cops?

Scarlet: I didn’t Devin; I swear I didn’t call them.

Devin: The hell you didn’t. What the fuck are they doing out there?

Scarlet: I don’t know Devin. I really don’t know.

(Scarlet begins to cry harder. The doorbell rings. Devin sticks the gun in his pants and goes to answer the door. He turns back to Scarlet.)

Devin: None of this ever happened. You hear me Scarlet. Nothing happened.

(He answers the door.)

Devin: Hello officer. How can I help you?

(The officer smells the alcohol on Devin and sees the gun in his pants.)

Officer: We got a call from the neighbors sayin they heard a gunshot commin from here. We’re here to check it out.

Devin: That’s kind of you sir, but nothing’s the matter here.

(The officer can see Scarlet in the shadows and hear her sniffling.)
Officer: Would you mind if I stepped in anyway? It’s awful cold out here tonight.

(The officer walks in before Devin can say no.)

Officer: Miss, what seems to be the matter? You seem awful upset.

(Scarlet looks at Devin and he glares at her and makes a motion with his finger across his neck. Scarlet’s head droops.)

Scarlet: Nothing officer. We were just having a spat.

Devin: That’s not a crime officer. To have an argument with your fiancée.

(The officer looks at the shiner around Scarlet’s eye.)

Officer: That’s quite a shiner you got there. Looks fresh too.

(Scarlet glances at Devin.)

Officer: I see. (He turns to Devin.) Son, would you come with me please?

Devin: Of course officer.

(Devin glares at Scarlet as he and the officer go out to the squad car. Scarlet runs to the front window where she sees Devin handing over his gun and another officer hand cuffing him. Devin is put in the squad car and the officer walks back into the house.)

Officer: Now miss, would you let me in on what’s really happening here?

(Scarlet falls to the floor crying.)

Scarlet: It was awful. All I did was go out with a girlfriend after work and he went ballistic. He told me that the only way I was leaven him was in a pine box. So I went upstairs to hide from him and pack and he broke down the door. I tried to call you guys but he shot the phone receiver. Right before you pulled up he was gadda shoot me.

(She looks up at the officer with tears streaming down her cheeks.)

Scarlet: I thought he loved me.

(The officer hugged her.)

Officer: Ma’am, we have enough to put him in jail if you come down and fill out a report.

(Scarlet nods. She takes her purse and car keys off the table and slowly follows the officer out to her car. She follows the squad car to the station and fills out a report while Devin is put under arrest.)

Officer: You’ll be safe now Ma’am.

Scarlet: I always thought I was.

(Scarlet turns and goes home.)

The End


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not bad....but in part 2 does Devin get out of jail and hunts her and her new bf down?


nice work, i thought it was cool, and does devin get out of jail, you must tell us!