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been that, done there
I'm back to one of my childhood favourites: LEGO
Right out of my dark age, now that my kids are old enough, I can buy whatever I want with the excuse that I'm making gifts to them lol
Obviously I'm not building things straight out of the box, I make my own shit.
So, if you're into this too, share pictures of your creations!
Here are a couple of mine, and the links to my fb page and rebrickable page



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Lego and LEGOLAND were my favorite childhood toys. I always enjoyed building things more than playing with the things afterwards. I made many neat things such as spaceships, regular ships, monster trucks, fully furnished houses, ... I once even built a semi-tractor transformer. Unfortunately, I do not have any photographs of my creations. I used to beg my parents to take pictures of the things I built, but they refused. It would be a waste of film to them. Once, my mother gave in and took a picture of a knight procession I staged, complete with a white cardboard base and background. However, she took the picture from such a distance that you could see the table and wall in the background. I had wanted the picture to look professional like the ones -=iNsANe=-ADJ posted above.

I built several fully-winged spaceships that were about two feet long. A couple of times, my brothers and cousins collaborated with me and we built spaceships that were four feet long. My younger brother and I had dozens of Lego sets. Lego has gotten many times more expensive these days and the sets contain far fewer parts. I liked it better when the sets had lots of small pieces instead of large pieces with fewer uses.