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Eye Candy The Long Awaited Booby Thread


@BridgetteH it's a bit of a double edged sword that one. All depending on how big your boobs are and what you do. It can be good, but also bad. I've used brahs since I got mine, and they're perky as fuck. But I don't use any superpushupcleavagedoubleXXL brahs, just regular stuff, in which can be a big difference.
I definitely agree that size and bra type is a factor in whether or not it would be beneficial. Also whether or not someone is comfortable in public without a bra. Like my sisters would be very uncomfortable if they didn't wear them in public. But for me, I don't care and think it's only fair if men aren't under some societal pressure to wear one, neither should I be. But maybe I'm just a hippie like that. :p beautiful bra, though. Definitely worth the money! :nod:
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No, just a me thing. I read a study a while back that revealed it can lead to sagging, whereas not wearing a bra can aid in strengthening of the chest muscles. I feel it's a false necessity for someone with a smaller chest, especially. Haven't wore one since and feel liberated :ahoy:
I have read that firm pects can prevent sagging, so women should do push-ups regularly.