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Headlines The Looming Presence of WEBSENSE

Yes, this may seem like a tiny article written by a rather unimportant, modest poster, but listen here fellow wtf-ers:

I, Angrywelshman, visited the thread(in this very section) upon Bush's Plamegate scandal(written by jamesp) and attempted clicking on the link to the article detailing the story. BLAM! I was blocked by's what Websense told me:


Blocked categories: News

If you think this web site is incorrectly categorized, visit the Symantec Internet Security Center to report it.

The category was...[twitch]...NEWS? How could you censor me from world-fucking-news??? Do you suspect that I will collapse in upon myself when I discover that Bush caused yet another screw up in the White House?

Does Websense get some kind of satisfaction from doing this? "Yep, we just banned another website that actually could have contained some sort of useful information to the reader. (cue cheezy laughter)." What happened to Freedom of the Press? And those thousands of Bills that were passed to allow websites to contain material that could be construed as offensive?

Note to Mods: I was kind of unsure of where this would go, place it wherever you feel necessary.


I'm just really nice.
angrywelshman said:
Does Websense get some kind of satisfaction from doing this?
Nope. They get paid for pulling that kind of crap.
Well sadly I'm on my family computer right now with Norton Internet Security, and somehow some kind of bullshit company(most likely a part of Websense) has blocked me from the said website. I actually have turned off all of Norton's abilities to piss me off, but "Symantec" just wants me to have an aneurisym(sp?).