The Middle


Trance Addict
A poem I wrote my senior year transitioning from the views I had developed upon and the ones I was learning about my role to society. I had alot of time to myself, and I'd often just spend it trying to find something to get involved in. I expressed my thoughts in this piece:

"The Middle"

These people...they suffer too
I observe them in those brief moments
where the medication of society
doesn't work.
I dont feel anger; depression...
just emptiness.
I'm passing my time
doing nothing.
Lack of activity
is worse than adversity.
is not at hand.
My fault is not due
to lack of effort.
My world is changing
and I'm simply mediating.
I'm a moderator of my own consciousness.
Glipses of those times
when I remember fractions of an event.
Things I ponder
when an action triggers my memory.
Why am I living this?
I have no present;
just glipses of the current past.
Motivate me!
I need motivation.
Enliven. Inspire. Dedicate.
These actions were me.
I've been told how to live.
Conflicting opinions
brought me to where I am.
Simplicity is slowly
driving me insane.