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The Missing Dollar ....


Kiss my Converse
3 guys go to a hotel with a big "no vacancy" sign, the manager tells them he has 1 room, which on reserve, and the other party has not shown up yet. The room is $25, but the manager says the 3 guys can have it for $30, and he will bump the late comers. the 3 guys agree, each shell out $10 and take the room.
Later in the evening, the people who originaly reserved the room called to cancel. The hotel manager who is an honest guy decides to refund the $5 extra he charged for the room. He hands the bellhop a 5 $1 dollar bills and tells him to return it. On the way up the room, the bellhop thinks to himself, "$5 split between 3 guys??? no way" ... so when he gets to the room he hands each of the 3 guys $1 dollar and pockets the other $2 for himself.
So if each of the 3 guys paid $10 for the room 3x10=30
then they all got 1 dollar back from the bellhop so they each paid 9 instead 9x3=27
the bellhop kept $2 for himself, 27+2=29 .... what happened to the other dollar?


Member smoked too much weed!

The hotel has 25 bucks
each dude has 3
bell hop 2.

25+3+2 = 30

There is no missing dollar.