The Moment that Awaits


Angel of Death
Got ordered from a higher power that i could not take my writting off the stie. Anyways you will noticed i reused a few lines... i have this story or vesion in my head i am playing with some lines and stuff to try to clear it up a bit. This is just a diffrent out take on it.

The Moment that Awaits

It was in this bittersweet moment that she took a deep breath of lesser meaning. To her this was no longer living this was breathing awaiting death sure call of victory. That sweet echo that taunted her soul closer as she drew upon her blade. Sharp and pure, as pure as a tainted blade of hatred could be. Stained and washed in the darkness of blood red her favorite color of life and death. Both a toil she faces endlessly as she see her own reflect.

But those thoughts could not be drank upon tonight. Tonight was her night for true revenge as she felt the scars and pulled out the single dagger so sharply misplaced in her back, they had missed her heart for her heart had long since died. She now ran on the fuel of her own hatred.

Her long hair now twirling down across her face in loose spirals of madness that befell upon her back. Her eyes once so beautiful now dead to the only thing but a small fire of blazing rage. Rage that one could not be deny, nor mistake for anything less. Her cloths tattered across her body and her smooth creamy color skin hidden under decaying soil that now marked her flesh. Any beauty that was once offered to her from heaven had been sent to the lower levels of hell.

Her lips trembled in the freezing rain as she tried to call out them but no words escape from her mouth. They stood there around the glowing fire mocking her. Laughing at what she had become. With every note of laughter it became the notes of her strength. She now lived only to see their dismay and she could feel the beats of life slow up for a few seconds until she heard their taunting voices. So shrill and perfect, so hauntingly invading into her mind of thoughts of insecurity that boiled over into an emotion few will ever reach to understand nor ever control.

With that she charged full force in there seeing the fear in their eyes, that slight misguided step they took… Now this there price to pay, their tears of bloody scarlet. As her blade sliced into their soft flesh, now marked fatally so quick to die, a better end then they left her. A few of them tried to fight back. They wield their weapons striking her causing her to trip and fall for a moment but she was quick to stumble to her feet. She didn’t feel their blows nor the fatal touch. She was dead to all but this her last breath of life… awaiting its sweet end… that she held back.. She held back till she watch the last one fall before her feet and sink into the darkness of the murky mud.

She slowly fell to the ground around the emptiness of her demons. They lay all dead like her, with out a breath to save them. She felt the warmth drain from her finger tips as the fire slowly died with inside. The only color she seen was red when a small streak of lightening painting her world.

She closed her eyes and dreamt of a better place. She felt warm arms wrap around her body as though she would be missed, only to discover it was herself holding her. She almost went to say she was sorry but there were no ears for any words to descend upon. So she drank upon her thoughts of death and let it greet her last awaiting breath. As the peace slowly drifted over her and her body relaxed…her last though was of freedom from loneliness.


537 first I was like:Wow,Kit, doesnt that feel better..
Halfway through it I Felt:*crashing thunder fills the room* PAIN! ANGER!
...and very convincing I might add.
Good job Kit. :thumbsup:

BTW...Im glad to hear the verdict the GODS handed down.(reguarding your deletions) :p