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Is there such thing as truth?

Although I dislike Voltaire, he was a smart man. His favorite saying (his own, of course), was "The only thing we know is that we know nothing." What he meant by that, of course, is that "truths" always seem to get replaced by newer things we hold as true. What's stopping those "truths" from being replaced? What's up, what's down, what's anything if nothing is permanent?

A great example is gravity. At first, we used Newton's theory (The force of gravity is equivalent to the two masses multiplied together, divided by the distance between them squared). That predicted everything pretty well. But then came Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and this predicted gravitational forces perfectly. However, this theory also gave rise to quantum physics, and the world has yet to come up with a quantum theory of gravity (almost entirely undoing the exact thing it accomplished [or one of them]!)

So you see, truth seems entirely "relative". So what's real and what's not? What is truth?


That Guy
truth is whatever "they" want you to believe. it can be twisted, it can be warped, to whatever "they" want it to be.

truth, i'm afraid, does not exist.