Headlines The polling place shell game


Strike First Strike Hard
Now that the voting is over, get ready for the shit storm.
A voter registration scam that took place in Florida and effected over 4,000 voters has been found in Pa, Oh, and Or as well.
The meat of it is; they scam you into signing a voter registration form and switch your party and district. Students were told it was a petition for medical marijuana. They were actually signing a voter registration form that switched their party and polling place. Either it wouldn't be caught at the poll, or it would, and they would not be allowed to vote.

The way it was caught in Florida, is a polling official's daughter was one of the victims. Realizing what was happening, he got in touch with Jebb Bush asking for a criminal investigation. He was told by Florida's governor, "We're very busy now. It will have to wait a couple of weeks".
Hmmm. Why do I feel like we’re going to see more of this nonsense?