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The Post hall of fame: Favorite Posts thread

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Member smoked too much weed!
Please post the your favorite post or posts. Wicked Burns< Kelso voice>, Piss your pants funny, or just anything that you think needs to stand out.
Please vote on the thread, and maybe add the name of the thread you pulled it from.
I stickied it for a bit.

Thanks Broken.


You're my number two
A WTF Broken Classic!!!

Originally Posted by Unforgiven
yeah... i didn't say "fucking cops" because it was my fault... there was a car behind me... looked kinda like a ghost car, but it didn't really register till it just disappeared somewhere... a bit up ahead, there was a cop, just waiting for me.

Broken said:
Did you tell the cop that there was a ghost car chasing you? Hell it could have been Christine plus; Everybody knows Ghost cars have shitty brakes. You see it in all the movies, ghost following at an unsafe distance then wouldn't you know it rear ends the poor guy and runs him off the road. Shit goes downhill from there quickly.


Member smoked too much weed!

Broken said:
Sod, if you don't behave I am going to take your roller blades away.
badassmtbiker said:
We already did. I saw him on my way to work yesterday - he was wearing one roller blade, and one shoe, and was trying to act like he was skateboarding. Poor little bastard.



Member smoked too much weed!
GH on High School

GottaHurt said:
My reference was to McDonalds, but you must have been smoking some good 'ol Humboldt....

The funny part of your story, is while everyone else in the class, was getting to cruise through the easy laid back day at a Saturn dealership, you were sitting on the dusty floor, like the dullard you are.

And you're right, not everyone who hates high school will be flippin' burgers, at least not you, you'll be be pickin' up trash along the road in your bright orange DOC uniform. You might want to think about gettin' that "Bubba's Girl" tattoo now...


Member smoked too much weed!
yowatupdogg said:
i love the girls today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

escapsley the girls in my school.

the short skirts

i love it
GottaHurt said:
Escapsley? Fuckin' eh dude, for a moron I think you may have coined a new word. I'm not sure what it means yet, but you could be on to something...


This calls for a contest....definitely....lmao....
Broken said:

1: The reoccurring confusion between the esc and Caps Lock Keys.

2; A French drink, made from panty liners and peppermint oil.
Ahh the good ole days


I really did.
My favorite post was
*over the internet conversation* (Based on actual events)
BigStrongMan> Hey there, uh, what are you doing on friday night?...
Twinkle> uh--lemme check my AOL address book...
Twinkle> Oh yeah, I am totally free
BigStrongMan> Awesome, I found this really great online restaurant, I hear the food is excellent, but you have to make it yourself, how about it?
Twinkle> That sounds WONDERFUL! see you then!
*Friday night*
BigStrongMan> You're buddy Icon is looking nice tonight.
Twinkle> *Blushes* Thank you..your connection is SOOO strong.
BigStrongMan> *winks* Are you enjoying your dinner?
Twinkle> I am, but I was so distracted by your pixel resolution...
BigStrongMan> Do you want to go to a private room?
Twinkle> Sure!
*end of connection*
And later that week...

*part two to internet dating chat* (again, based on actual events)
BigStrongMan> Hey Baby, I had a really great time last night, what about you?
Twinkle> Yeah, it was really wonderful, We have such a strong connection, I'm going to get on McAfee protection, so maybe next time we can do it wireless...
BigStrongMan> Cool..
BigStrongMan> ....About that...I did a computer scan..and it seems I may be infected with a virus...
Twinkle>...Are you being serious...Tech Support said it was okay!
BigStrongMan> But Tech Support is only 95% accurate..
Twinkle> ...Well, I am the only one you talk to??
Twinkle> ...OMG, this cannot be happening!! I don't want to crash!! What kind of virus is this?!
BigStrongMan> I don't know but it is burning the hell out of my harddrive and my software is running slowly now and my applications wont come up...
Twinkle> I have to go...I have to go check my warranty...
BigStrongMan> I love you though, we'll get through this together...

BigStrongMan and Twinkle haven't chatted since, and BigStrongMan's virus has spread through other connections. When will this vicious circle end?
...But I guess no one else liked it as much as I did.


Hooked on Rocks!
Pachyderm said:
My favorite post was

And later that week...

...But I guess no one else liked it as much as I did. know some one would quote them self.. :adore:


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you guys probably don get it but it s hilarious
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