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The Real Iraq!


Angel of Death
~This Got Missed and burried under a flame thread~

well, I’m throwing the bullshit flag here. You all can shut the fuck up. You all don’t know shit, haven’t seen shit and are shit. You sit in your houses day after day and go to your jobs if you even have them then develop your selfish bias opinions and try to force them onto other people. When in reality YOU ARNT DOING SHIT. Regardless of what every one says or thinks we are in Iraq. We are doing a great deal of good and all this damage in this country is not from us.

When we got to Baghdad we, the US soldiers, fished out of Saddam’s little guest house pool over 600 Iraqi civilian bodies. That he had raped, tortured, maimed and killed in some form.

No, WMD. Who gives a fuck. I say lets clean this place up set up a government give them laws and maybe these people will live better life. This isn’t a country were babies are born in hospitals or every one has a social security number. I don’t think even 15% of the some 30+ million people in this country even know how to read or write in there own language.
Fucking Christ these people are using LIVE rockets they find FOR BRIDGE SUPPORTS that they walk and drive on everyday. So your saying that since the us is here policing up the people who would suppress the innocent that we are bad. Fuck you!

You should come live here for a week and get a fucking clue. I’m not defending any one or siding with any one here but my brothers and sisters in ALL armed forces. You call this a war, this wasn’t even close to a war in a year and a half the us looses 800+ of its finest yet 750+ of those casualties are AFTER THE WAR and they died DUE TO terrorist acts?
We where here and done with the so called war after the first week, the time that it took us to get through the country. All the Iraqi army did was drop there weapons and run. Those that felt like dieing stayed behind to plant ied's and those are those road side bombs that are detonated with cell phones.

Yeah Baby, that is a war alright. Where a solder doesn’t have to worry about being shot but his main worry is will some chicken shit mortar me when I’m shaving? Will some asshole try to car bomb me.

Since we are so bad, WHY are we training Iraq’s army today EQUIPING them with gear to BETTER them? Why are we rebuilding? If you think this is about oil man you are really fucking dumb. If its about oil: Why the hell are you paying 3+ dollars a gallon? The USA has oil reserves to last about 70 years for the whole country with out exports. Yet, we will go conquer another country?

You need to learn a few things about life regardless what you think about bush or America. America and all other countries involved are doing the right thing. We are helping out a fellow human and we are doing our best to fight terrorism every day here.

PFC Gobbles


Angel of Death
Ok before anyone questions why this got pulled out of the flame thread... and placed into the writers block. This is coming straight from his eyes, its filled with the purest and most raw emotion of a soldier, still over there.

I guess I never thought about it. ALl these people who say this war isn't worth fighting. Would they go over to Iraq in live in it the way it was? Made me think a little. Made me think if I pulled it out of a flame where everyone kind of skipped over it, cleaned it up a bit and posted it here if it would give you alittle better view.

I am not saying for you to be against or for this war right now. You know clear as day where i stand. I am saying to you to look at things a bit diffrent and try not to miss the Good that is coming out of this. Sometimes it gets over shadowed by the darkness...

With All Respect,

the wife.

Cynical Canuck

Venting Spleen
I agree that good is coming out of this. But I don't agree with the "No, WMD. Who gives a fuck" comment. That was the reason you went there in the first place, without all the other players who have a vested interest in our planet. The invasion was all based on a lie.

Now it is "Operation Iraqi Freedom", or whatever it's being called this week. If the US wasn't as concerned about oil as you say, then why not invade China? Surely there is a lot of repression going on there. But what can your government really acheive by invading that country? I bet they have WMDs, start with that.

Do the ends justify the means? That's up for debate. I know if I was living under Saddam's rule, I would welcome the change. Democracy won't happen over night, and things will only get worse before they get better.



the big green demon
I apologize if this post is misspelled or coming off as shaky. I’ve just finished a 8 hour guard duty last night after staying up and policing the area of my perimeter <walking around picking up trash and stuff that shouldn’t be on the ground>

A lot of post I will make here will be sketchy I don’t want to violate my opsek (operation security) so I can’t tell you where I am going or really exactly what I am doing.

But we are moving soon to a place where we will be working 6 hour shifts getting 6 off then doing our missions to come back to do 6 hours more, hopefully its only for a short time.

This place though, Iraq, is a giant cesspool. Most areas by towns you will see puddles of oil or even creeks of it where water once was. Sometimes you will see huge piles of bombs just laying there or artillery rounds. Most of the time its just piles of trash every where. WoW, this place smells like a sewage plant and looks like the city dump. Not to mention that it is hotter then hell here. It’s a kind of unimaginable dry heat no humidity whatsoever. Even if you are by a river going out, It’s like you have one giant blow-dryer blowing on you constantly.

The sun fucks with you. So while on missions you get white water blisters that if you don’t lance turn into a half inch scab that stays there for weeks. Your hands dry out so bad. If you bump into wood or metal you tear the top few layers of skin off.

Doing the same thing again. Love the guard duty around here. We do plenty of that and wow sand fleas love us. I have more damn bug bites then I have freckles right now. Not that I am bitching. I know I signed up for this and I did it for a reason.

Really politics can suck my Wang. I don’t give a damn about them what the president says.
I signed up because people where over here fighting and dieing while I was sitting on my ass and I felt there was something I could do about it and there is.

Here I am helping our brothers and sisters out. So far I have pissed the bad guys off enough in this country to go as far as to put a $25,000 bounty on my head (the unit), but in doing so it prevented hundreds of our people from getting hurt. But that is all that I can tell you.

As far as the WMD issue; yeah, I really don’t give a shit about that. While bush was giving his Televised orders. Saddam was probably sending all his “wmd” out of the country. Yes there are some around.

Yes we see them from time to time in mortars or as secondary ied's. Yes, they suck… but its impossible to find exactly what we are looking for. We have already found and stockpiled more uxo and weapons cache's to blow up then we can care to see in 5 lifetimes.
It’s pretty hard to keep up with this shit when the "hodji" can go and buy another rpg for 3 dollars or another ak 47 for 6 dollars or another ied to plant for us for less then 20 dollars.
Regardless of what you all think… I really don’t give a damn about oil or all that shit. Slowly and gradually we are making a difference in the Iraqi civilian's lives. We are trying to turn this place from a hell hole to some place people ,humans, can live healthy. If you all want to go slam me and every one else over here for that, maybe you should rethink what you are saying.

Every day here I’m giving this place 150% of my energy with the hopes that something great will come out of this. That is what I’ am doing. What the hell are you doing? Stuffing your face with crispy creams thinking you are better then everyone else on the planet? Lately I wake up every morning and I think to myself what’s going to happen today? Is some one at the other end of that rocket or mortar tube going to get lucky and kill another one of my brothers or sisters? Or is it going to get me?
What of the people back home, what the hell is there life like?

I know I signed up for this well over a year ago. I left for basic training on Aug 7th 03 and today is July 5th and its 08:30 in the morning and I don’t think I have seen my wife or family for about 2 weeks since I left for basic, but hey I signed up for it. I will continue to do the best I can do until my country is done with me.

Then as each day goes by I try to remember what I did on that day last year. Last year on the 4th of July I was in Seattle with my fiancée then having a blast at my mothers house with fireworks. We all bought those helicopters and lit them all at once only 3 worked the 4th blew up and blew a quarter in deep hole in kit’s leg cauterized her wound and didn’t go through her pants. She really bled on that one though. LoL (note, Kit’s not laughing) Today I bet she is touching that scar on her thigh thinking about the same thing. Well I have to go all. Time to get back to work


Angel of Death
I watched the water of endless blue today on the 4th. My thoughts all ran of you, every drop seemed to reflect your face...but I couldn't cry. I tried to stay happy and smile but it was all an illusion. I don't think i have truly laughed since you left me so many days ago. I watched the summer sun disapear behind gray skies and darken nights. I thought back on that day I spent with you last year... It what keeps me going.

I know a lot has changed and I know you must be a tad scared. I can't reach you right now, and I don't know where you are but I am missing you so damn much. I am waiting for you return and every day just passes to damn slow, every night is to damn long.

My yellow ribbions lay a little faded. So I rehung them all up... so they stayed golden for you. I look at your picture every day, I try to remind myself that it will soon be over. I think about what its going to be like...just have you around again.

I think of the worse some days. I just break and find myself on the ground but I remember that you are still strong... so I pull myself through. I look at the great American flag. I remember you more, I remeber my grandfather. damn I love this nation so much and damn I love you more. I can not think of words to even describe the pride I see in you and you will never know... How bad I wish it didn't have be this way.

I know what you are doing is far more important right now. I stand behind you with soften tears... cause you make me proud. I hold you name with honor, I write it perfectly as I can every time. I wear your rings, I look at my wedding dress and I just think of everything that should of been, but I realize it all happens for a reason.

So don't you worry about a thing my love. I got it all under controll, I will be alright... I am just missing you right now. You already know that. I have died a thousand night and been reborn to face again. I gotten drunk on dreams of you, I try to imagine whats it like for you, but I will never know.

You all guts and glory now, your all pride and honor now, your all the thing i have always seen... now you see them in yourself. So stand up proud and remember..they can't keep you down. They may not realize it yet, they probally never will...but thats just the way it goes. Cause in the end... you know you have done good and in the end its thier reflection they have to face. So just try and remember your never alone...i am following you with all my love, my heart and angels. You are everything that I am and Everything to me... and nothing is the same with out you.

Come back Safe to Me... Cause I love you SO DAMN MUCH!


Flame Bait
Sincere Applause

:clap: First I want to commend darksinner and his comrades for the job they are doing. We are very proud of you and hope for your continued success.
Even though it's not sufficient praise, THANK YOU!!! :thumbsup:

AS for the WMD's. That was not the ONLY prewar reason given. Geez how it seems as though the anti-war and fence sitting croud seem to have selective memories. Twelves years of telling the UN and the rest of the world to get screwed seems familiar. Along with mass murder on a scale found elsewhere only in an African country or two, plus a few other reason, but the canuck mentioned the countries that were against the war. I suppose he is referring to countries such as France, Germany and Russia. No shit Dick Tracy, if I were bilking the Iraqi people out of Millions and Millions of dollars illegally, I don't think I would have been for a war that would shine the light of day on my unscrupulous activities either. Sadaam's WMD's are probably still exactly where he hid them. You don't know and neither do I. :sword:


the big green demon
days are going on and its getting more and more stressfull here
my unit is at its 6month mark of being in iraq durring our 545 day deployment
9 months deployed 6 months in the sands
in 9 more days it will have been a month sence that mortar attack wich burned up 39 tents 1 wich was mine and everything in it
that day sucked ass
i had just finished drying off with my towel when the first of 41 mortars started landing
i grabed my towel and my soap and ran for the nearest bunker
a few of the mortors happend to land a direct hit on another units tent wich happend to have alot of ammo in there so now we had to worry about tens of thousands of rounds cooking off along with flares going off aswell wich is what caused most of the fire

we where all very lucky though exept for two soldiers who didnt make it .....

now we moved to a differant camp in iraq
its been about 2 weeks sence we arrived and im on a week and a half now of tower guard
we go up to towers for 6 hours on 6 hours off same people same towers ready a half hour before our shift starts
and i realize im avraging about 6 hours of sleep and 18 hours of work/tower guard weather its 150+ degree's out or at night 80 we still go out to look from our towers for people that are still randomly shooting at us
right now home and safety with my wife in my arms seams so alien to me
its also been 1 year and 3 days time sence i left to the call of my country
i joined the national guard but i might as well call it full time because in that time i was given about 12 days total to see my wife and my family
hopefully i will get a leave slot soon
i dont know what i will do with it yet
weither i will spend every single hour of the 15 days with my wife awake
or if i want to sleep
or if i want to drink myself into a stupor

and if any of you have doubts about me just keep this in mind
working here away from my friends and loved ones is in no way worth the paycheck i get to be here
im here solely because of love of my country and so that no one else has to come here in my place
well i have to get ready for my next shift thank you for reading

have fun all and stay safe


the big green demon
thanks again for your post aidenbosch at the time you wrote that i didnt know what to say but i really apreachiate your post :)

forgot to add our whole watter supply for showers got contaminated so it will be another 4 days before i will see a decent shower


Well it's one two three, what are we fighting for?
Don't ask me, I don't give a damn... :rolleyes:

Those damned fuckers are waitin'..



the big green demon
hehe well that definatly doesnt look like us army

cant really place it forgive me but that is a decent rpg 7 and ak 47


darksinner said:
hehe well that definatly doesnt look like us army

cant really place it forgive me but that is a decent rpg 7 and ak 47
I was just kidding a bit.

Dutch units are also in Iraq, and it reminded me of the war in Nam.
One marine who fired a warning shot, that went astray and killed an Iraqian who was plundering. So the justice department got him arrested.
That's what happens if politicians make a country join a war without thinking about the consequences.
For some reason our right wing government is in favor of Bush, but for some reason they don't bloody know how to fight a war!

After some incoming mortars (?) some devices were flown in to track down where they come from, if it would happen again.
RPG 7's are everywhere in Iraq. What kind of 60mm mortar launchers do the Iraqi's use?
The Dutch press writes about mortars fired at our camps, but I think that is bullshit. It must be RPG 7 grenades.


the big green demon
stander russian mortar tubes most of the time the little bastards make there own home made tubes out of pcv piping

i really dont know how they do it but they launch them
so far my unit has seen more incomeing mortars and pot shots then rpgs thank god
most of the time they are never zero'd on there mortars and dont hit anything
with rpgs tho they tear some shit up


Well, that clears the fog of war a bit.
Yesterday, the shit hit the fan and a Dutch patrol was ambushed.
1 Soldier died. The minister told the press that it was another victim of a people that don't understand the soldiers are there to help them... (?)

It seems to me it's like the old red indian warfare, western military in Fort Bubba, and a small patrol rides out and falls in an ambush. Hit and run technics.
This time the cavalry is never on time. You know, it's about time to adjust the tactics a bit. The Arabs had a keen way of fighting in the middle ages.
They anvanced on camelback, and had their horses with them, with no man in the sadlle.
Just before an attack, they mounted their relatively fresh horses.
The crusaders didn't understand where they came from.

Nice story eh?

Lesson for today.. Light and swift, that'll teach them.
Move in and out, before them Iraqi's blinked their eyes.
Time for the good old Cowboys and Indian style.
Yeeehaaaaa... :D



My family was always related with the light cavalry.

Pick a target.
Move in.
Grab the target.
Get the hell out of it.

Plain Arab tactics.

Of course you can imagine how it works with tactics...
Cover, evasion and other important things.

Warfare is to reach a maximal target with a minimal loss of men and material.
Al Qaeda wants to see you bleed, so don't bleed, or any of your mates.

And if you come across some Dutch soldiers, give them a decent APC because our ridiculous government totally flawed in that!