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The reason behind the


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
The intelligence behind the

I still havent made up my mind if this is a piss take or actually serious.
Final Fantasy is to blame, and so is the size of Tifa's breasts....
Hmmm. Somehow I doubt the sequence in Final Fantasy VII was used as a training program for setting up a bombing operation.

Why do they always blame the video games?
Bad parenting might be a more reasonable area to look into when it comes to the behavior of todays children.
Well, the only thing that saved this CNN imposter from my ridicule is the fact that the author of the article slipped some satire in there. I'm glad that neither Tifa's breasts nor Mario were available for comment. (You should check your source, brother!)
On the whole, though, I'm glad that someone was finally able to pinpoint exactly what was screwing our kids up. I know that the AAPN (Alcoholic Abusive Parents Network) is excited to have finally been vindicated. I believe that I read a story that explains how happy that several high-ranking officials from both the "Federal Prison Committee for Inner-City Social Improvement" and the progressive "Zero Accountability for Criminal Action" are that the American people will finally focus on this very real threat to our children's healthy development rather than on insignificant issues such as personal accountability and social responsibility. I, for one, am happy that we've finally identified the culprit. The only thing I'm worried about, though, is how do we rectify all of the damage that that most violent of international warfare video games - Missile Command - has done to the millions of people over the past several decades. If we can just get a political figure to speak out on this issue, I'm positive that Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Circuit City will rush to pull the abominable game from their shelves...


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Please read articles before you post them in the Issues forum. There is no point in debating satire...