The Rise of A Dictator, The Fall of A Nation [Part 1]

I Hate The FCC

Homo est Deus
The year is 2008 George W Bush's term has ended, the United States is ruled by the right. Wes Lanning is campaining to be the Republican party's candidate. The citizens think Wes is a republican but he is really a facist using the title of republican so he can win the election. The war in Iraq has been a failure, but Bush will not withdraw the troops. The American people have had many a protest over bringing the troops back home.

Well I have nothing to worry about these Americans think I'm republican and I'm the projected winner of the election. Nothing to worry about. Wes kept telling himself. "Hey, Chris when do I go on stage?" he asked.
"About three minutes!" Chris yelled over the crowd. "Just be cool, calm, and colleted. Okay?" he asked.
"Yeah!" he replied. "Stay cool Wes don't fuck up." he muttered.
"Wes you're on in ten seconds!" Chris yelled. "Get your ass over here!"
"Coming!" Wes yelled back. Wes walked towards the curtain. He could hear the crowd. "Wes! Wes! Wes!" the crowd was chanting. Someone was counting down till the curtain went up but Wes wasn't paying attention to him and didn't hear him.
"Two! One!" the voice said. Wes stepped out onto the stage and saw the that the crowd was ecstatic at seeing him.
"Hello." Wes said over the microphone. "Thank you....thank you." he said as the crowd stopped chanting. "So do you people want to see the boys come back home?" Wes asked the crowd. The crowd cheered in agreement.
Wes was at the rally for two hours. When Wes got to his home in New York City he went straight to the bedroom.

"Wes you won! You won!" his wife said.
"I won the election?" he asked.
"Yes you're the president of the United States!" she said.
"Then we are closer to world domination." he said. Good now I can do whatever I want. First I will purify the population of the U.S. Wes thought.

The next day Wes was in Washington D.C. giving a speech. "I would like to say that as of yesterday all of the troops have been brought back home!" Wes said. The crowd cheered. "Now that I have done that I would like to announce that as of this moment we are under martial law." he said. The crowd was silent. "If any of you are thinking of impeaching me you will be greatly dissapointed in what I am about to say." he said. The crowd was silent and afraid to do anything. "I have established a facist government. I have killed the Supreme Court and Congress. On that note I will purify this nation's population." he declared. The crowd cheered even louder. "We will exterminate the queers, the reds, the coons, and the jews!" Wes yelled. The crowd cheered.

End of part 1.