The Rise of A Dictator, The Fall of A Nation [Part 2]

I Hate The FCC

Homo est Deus
After Wes made his speech he went to the White House and scheduled a parade that went from noon untill six P.M. All that was a distraction so that his secret army could go through with their plans, which was to purify the population.

Wes was at a meeting with his general for the secret army. It is 8:00 A.M. "Hello Steve," Wes said. "Let's get to the point shall we? I want to know how long this will take." he asked.
"Well that depends on what you do to get all those ******s, gooks, and queers together at once." Steve said. "I would suggest that you pass a law which says all of those queers, sand ******s, regular ******s, and gooks have to attend a certain event and when they come we will hide behind a curtain, and when the curtain goes up we will kill them all." he said. As soon as he finished Wes was smiling insanely. I'm looking into the face of a genius and a madman. Steve thought. Well musn't think that...he is right anyway.
"Excellent idea Steve." he said. "You must get going the law will be passed immediatly. I will announce it once you leave." he said. One step closer. Wes thought. So close I can practically taste victory.

Steve left that morning at 9:00 A.M. Wes made the announcement of the new law passing at 9:12 A.M. It is now 12:34, the parade is a success. The events were a "dinner" that would be provided for them. Little did they know that the room was empty and that the doors would lock...and that they were going to die shortly. The extermination will occur at 1:00 P.M.

"I can't wait for that dinner" someone in the crowd said. "A little odd a dinner is at one. Don't you think?" a gay man said to his boyfriend. "Sure is. Lots of guards around."
"Get ready." A soldier said. The curtains went up the doors were shut and locked, opera was playing on the P.A. system. And they opened fire. They all turned around at once, saw the soldiers and ran for the doors. No one fired. The opera stopped and Wes's voice came on.
"You think I would feed you vermin?" the recording asked. "You will all suffer. I will personally count down to your deaths." he said. "3...t-"
"NO!" someone yelled "I will kill you! And your soldiers!" she yelled. The asian woman pulled out a hangun and started shooting.
"-2....1....FIRE!" he screamed. The asian woman had terrible aim all she managed to shoot was the wall. The soldiers all raised their weapons at 2 and fired in unison when Wes yelled fire. In a matter of seconds all of the civilians were dead. In fact every asian, homosexual, and black person in America was dead.

"Dead all dead!" Wes cheerfully sang at 8:00 P.M. "I've killed them all and I'm going to take over the world next!" he sang. Wes had a body guard named Richard Cortez. Richard loved everyone in his family. His brother was gay. Wes gave everyone the night off to celebrate the victory. Richard insisted that he stay for Wes could get killed. Knowing that when everyone was gone and he and Wes were alone, Wes would die.
"I don't think you will take over the world you prick." Richard said.
"What?! What are you talking about?" He asked. Richard approached Wes and pulled out a long wire. Long enough to go around someone's neck.
"You made a bad decision Wes." he said. "A very bad decision. My brother was gay and you killed him. So I'm going to kill you." he said. Wes backed away in fear. Wes had no idea but he had just pissed his pants. The next thing Wes knew he was laying on the ground with his eye hanging out of it's socket.
"Oh god what did you do to my eye!" Wes moaned. Although he knew what happened. Richard stabbed him. "Talk to me dammit!" Wes demanded. He only saw Richard shake his head nad flip him over.
"Time to die asshole." Richard said. Richard had no idea that Wes had a knife of his own.
"I'm going to kill you!" Wes yelled as he stabbed Richard's leg. Richard screamed and fell over. That gave Wes the opportunity to run and hit the big red button on his desk. Wes knew he just signed his life away, but he didn't care. If he was going down he was taking everyone down with him. "Come and kill me Rich! I don't care, I just launched every nuke and H-bomb we have!" Wes said then burst out laughing like a madman. Which he was.
"Asshole!" Richard yelled and pulled out the hangun he owned. He fired. Wes only felt two shots go in. Richard shot four shots. The firstshot hit his chest the other hit his head. When Wes fell to the ground a hydrogen bomb exploded over Washington D.C. along with every other nuke and h-bomb fired. When they exploded they annhilated everything and everyone. Except for two children that were put in an underground safehouse that was 100 feet underground. When they left they noticed that everyone was gone. The h-bomb only disintegtrates humans not buildings. They knew that. The boy was 15 the girl was 17 and they knew everyone was dead. Their father ,Steven Kalar, told them the end of the world was coming. He was right. The two teens knew what they had to do.


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atleat every 1 died a quick and painless death, well except those on the other side of the world that had 2 endure nuclear ash that made their skin peel off and that try 2 live through a nuclear winter

p.s. good story btw