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The RPG Exercise Plan

Discussion in 'Brain Droppings' started by Randoman, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Randoman

    Randoman Look At My Horse

    So, I was thinking the other day that I could really use some more work-out time, but what would be the incentive? So I started thinking up a collection of rules and rewards for how to stay interested and committed to working out, and it became a "game" of sorts.

    The RPG Exercise Plan
    http://www.woofiles.com/dl-211004-JmNv39Pd-TheRPGExercisePlan.pdf - PDF download

    I revised it and decided to share it with you guys, tell me if you like it or not. This is version 0.9. Some things I haven't officially decided on and there may be some errors in there.

    But, tell me if you like it and what it could use to be an entertaining and worthwhile exercise plan.

    (I DID write this by the way, this is not someone else's work that I stole.)
  2. PiercedPsycho

    PiercedPsycho Muchly <3

    You'll have to find another way to post it, because I'm not going to create an account just to view it.
  3. Randoman

    Randoman Look At My Horse

    Made a new link to download the PDF.
  4. PiercedPsycho

    PiercedPsycho Muchly <3

    I don't want to download it either. No offense, but I don't know you from Adam.
  5. Link is safe...
  6. Awaken

    Awaken God

    Who's Adam?
  7. Slacker

    Slacker Well-Known Member

    lol..^ It's safe.. You're obviously not that interested in it though, so don't bother. :happysad:

    I like the idea and it seems like it would definitely get someone into shape but, if you plan on others using it, its going to need some development. You know, some design, a website, etc, and I could see it taking off. But other than that, looks great man.
  8. Randoman

    Randoman Look At My Horse

    I'd never put out a virus. I know you guys don't know me, so that means jack shit, but it's okay. :p
  9. Left Hand

    Left Hand I wear glasses.

    "Gamers Woe" and "Bright n' Early" are easy quests for me. But I am unable to do "A Little Help" and "Stand By Me".
    Also you should check some of your punctuation and capitalization.
    I'd do this plan, it's great. But I really don't want to exercise.
    You also make me feel terrible about skipping breakfast, and sometimes lunch.
    You must be really healthy.

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