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The School Bus Story

In the days of my youth, I would wake up on a cold winters morning and be greeted by the calm soothing snow twinkling down from the rooftops past my window sill. The hazy morning fog would present the sun as my freshly poured cereal began to lose its familiar crunch, and with my heaving backpack strapped over my shoulder, I would dance out the door, a bellyfull of the crunchy captains little yellow barrels, and I would join the large group of my fellow schoolmates while we all waited for the that big yellow monstrosity.

Yes, there would be a group of sometimes 10, 15 of us, waiting for the bus. We'd all meet outside at the stop, and when the bus came, we'd get on the bus. Simple, yes?

No. Not anymore. I was behind a bus the other day (And this is consistent with EVERY TIME i'm behind the bus)...The bus stopped, dropped off a kid, the mother or whatever was there. Her and the bus driver started talking...Who knows why...and I'm sitting there, waiting. Finally the bus takes off, and LITERALLY FIFTEEN FEET down the road, stops again, to drop off another kid.

This happened ever 15 to 30 feet for a mile.

These kids can't all get dropped off / picked up at the same stop?

It is a waste of my time and everyone elses to have to be stuck behind a bus that needs to stop at every driveway to deal with these children when all they need is ONE STOP.

And the clincher is that all these parents feel the need to stand there and gab with the bus driver.


And the worst part, actually, is that, one kid gets off, and then, fifteen feet down the road, another kid gets off. But you're waiting there for 5 minutes extra so the next kid can actually EXIT the bus. Hey, kid, your neighbor just got dropped off 10 feet ago, I think you have this time available to get your shit ready and get off the god damn bus.

Lets speed up the process...




Highly Excitable
You said it!!! One of my favorite pet peeves too!

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
well, this makes sense, because you know, if they didnt do this then 8th graders could get abducted int he middle of a suburb, with their mothers standing 10 ft. away. you may be mad, but i bet you would feel bad if they changed it and then the situation i just described occured. it happens a lot


on a serious note though, it would be great if these bus drivers when they talk could just put down that little stop sign so that you can just pass them instead of having to wait


There's been a few times where I've sped all the way up and passed the bus before it can put out that stop sign.

School buses piss me off more than tailgaters do. I have to get to school in the morning, and there's this bus blocking off the entire four-lane street to let one kid on the bus (it's illegal for kids to have to cross a four-lane street to get on a bus, but they still make them stop anyway).
You know what pisses me off the most about the bus stop? At my bus stop, there are kids that actually sit in their parents cars and wait for the bus to come.

Hmm, they could either:
1) Quit being vaginas and stand out in the cold and take it like the bitches they are
2) Just have their parents drive them to school instead of going through vehicle transfer. If you have enough time to sit at your kid's bus stop waiting for the bus to come, you have enough time to drop him off at school yourself.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Our bus is never on time, it is always either too early or two late. I fucking cant stand it. Why cant they be punctual? Assmonkeys, all of them. But in my town, we all have the same bus stop on the block so??

Well, my kids do. Im to old to ride the school buss.