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The Simpsons Movie



Talk about a possible feature-length Simpsons movie has been going on since the early days of the series. The episode "Kamp Krusty" was originally going to be a movie, but became a regular episode after difficulties were encountered in trying to expand the script to feature-length.

Rumors were circulated on the Internet about a movie already being in development, but it was not until 2004 that any were confirmed. In that year, producers announced a theatrical movie is in the very early stages of development, and that it will not be released until after the series ends. With the series being renewed for a twentieth season, an estimated premiere date was set for the summer of 2008. This was confirmed by 20th Century Fox June 6, 2005. Just like the series, the movie will be animated (Matt Groening recently turned down a proposal to make a live action film based on the characters, as this would likely ruin the franchise and anger fans) and will star the six main voice actors: Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, and most likely Marcia Wallace, Maggie Roswell, Pamela Hayden, and Tress MacNeille. It is speculated that there will also be guest stars appearing in large roles or cameos. IMDb has also created a page for The Simpsons movie, and claims a release date of November 2008.

Plot Outline: Shelbyville is about to be annexed Springfield. Homer, Bart and other "sipsonians" take a road trip to Capital City to protest. Meanwhile Marge finds out she is pregnant and is going to have another boy.

I see the light

Flame Bait
As a huge fan of the show, i am concerned...i would not expect that the creators would be able to keep up a good script and story for a full feature length movie...we love the simpsons in the small, perfect half hour chunks that we get them in...i hope that i am proved wrong however...and choke to death from laughter while seeing it in a cinema.:confused: