The sister update


My sister got her sentence on wednesday. Only 30 days...30 fucking days...what a rip. Only a DUI.....yep..her 6th one! Which had possession of drug parophnelia(spelling?) and something else I don't remember.

Good news though my parents have graced me with the permission to change the lock on my side door to the basement and get a lock for the door to the basement so she can't steal my stuff anymore. Not that I'd need it since they're going out of town the 25th....

There was another thread about how you hate your mom...well...I HATE my sister. harsh? oh yeah.....let's see what she stole.
my car (I recovered that after a few days)
my old computer
my gameboySP and all it's games.
all my old school games, she gave me the store credit afterwards, gee thanks bitch.
my new computer much for that...
my cell phone.

On top of that she always tries to bum money from me with the LAMEST excuses "ohhh my friend's car has a flat we need some money" for what? what does money have to do with putting the fucking doughnut on?

Seriously though it's gonna be hilarous when she tries to use her keys after jail / before jail and she can't get in! comedy gold! me atleast.

shit I forgot to mention I'm 18 waiting to go to college in Janurary and my sister is 23 years old. She as pretty much lived at home all those years and just now(2 weeks ago) moved out, yet she is still around...get the FUCK out! It's funny because she claims she has a job...yeah...pawning other people's stuff or selling drugs I know it! She went to college and dropped out so she could pay all her fines from all those DUIs and then decided getting a college education wasn't worth it....


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man..that sux....i kinda hated my sister at one point..she caused my mom so much pain...growin wasnt really hate...just i couldnt stand her....shes fuckin kewl now tho..she realized all that she did to my i talk to her pretty much everyday...she lives in L.A...i live in kinda sucks for you tho cuz youre 18 and shes 23....i musta been 6..or 7 when shit went down in my i had all these yrs to grow out of those feelings....good luck in college and all.....


i can relate, sister doesnt steal my stuff, but shes a psycho bitch and etc, im sure ill vent on a thread about her later.


my advice would be booby traps


Who gives a Fuck?!?!
Are you sure your sister doesn't have a drug problem??? Like a serious one, ie. coke, heron, Oxy? That could be why all the missing stuff.

Might want to look in to getting her some help. People do alot of bad things, but that doesn't mean there isn't a good person still underneath.