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the six dumbest ideas in computer security


Banned - What an Asshat!

from the footnotes..
The Minor Dumbs

These dumb ideas didn't quite merit status as "The Dumbest" ideas in computer security, but they're pretty dumb and deserve mention in passing:
  • "We're Not a Target" - yes, you are. Worms aren't smart enough to realize that your web site/home network isn't interesting.
  • "Everyone would be secure if they all just ran <security-flavor-of-the-month>" - no, they wouldn't. Operating systems have security problems because they are complex and system administration is not a solved problem in computing. Until someone manages to solve system administration, switching to the flavor-of-the-month is going to be more damaging because you're making it harder for your system administrators to gain a level of expertise that only comes with time.
  • "We don't need a firewall, we have good host security" - no, you don't. If your network fabric is untrustworthy every single application that goes across the network is potentially a target. 3 words: Domain Naming System.
  • "We don't need host security, we have a good firewall" - no, you don't. If your firewall lets traffic through to hosts behind it, then you need to worry about the host security of those systems.
  • "Let's go production with it now and we can secure it later" - no, you won't. A better question to ask yourself is "If we don't have time to do it correctly now, will we have time to do it over once it's broken?" Sometimes, building a system that is in constant need of repair means you will spend years investing in turd polish because you were unwilling to spend days getting the job done right in the first place.
  • "We can't stop the occasional problem" - yes, you can. Would you travel on commercial airliners if you thought that the aviation industry took this approach with your life? I didn't think so.


Security through obscurity will always bite idiots in the ass. Idiots will always be in charge of security. It's a never ending cycle.

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<b>Banned - What an Asshat!</b>
junglizm said:
Security through obscurity will always bite idiots in the ass. Idiots will always be in charge of security. It's a never ending cycle.
I used to browse, slashdot, neworder, always interested in the news.

I read those books published by the Goverment. Y'know MOD RED< BLUE< YELLOW

Or w/e colors

They were cool. I even got a letter from them telling me where to find them on the net. V. cool people.

But I can't secure any computer I get hacked, I just re-install...