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the south carolina squeeze cheese fugitive


Banned - What an Asshat!
be careful with that cheese.
in south carolina they take cheese very seriously.

from The State news website.
Each Monday, The State will run information on a suspect wanted by authorities. Since the feature began in February 2004, 29 suspects have been taken into police custody.
• DATE OF BIRTH: July 29, 1965
• DESCRIPTION: 6 feet 1 inch, 165 pounds, brown hair and hazel eyes
• WANTED BY: Lexington County Sheriff’s Department
• CHARGES: Third-offense criminal domestic violence
• LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: 232 Stagecoach Road, Gaston
ALLEGED CRIME: Police said Higginbotham argued with his wife because she had not cooked anything. When she began cooking, he started making spaghetti while eating crackers and squeeze cheese. They argued, and he squeezed cheese on the kitchen floor. She squeezed the cheese on his truck, and he squeezed the cheese in her hair before fleeing in his truck. His wife said she washed her hair before the officer arrived to take her complaint.
• IF YOU SEE HIM: Call the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department at (803) 785-8230 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 559-TIPS.


I squeeze cheese all the time. The wife loves it. :fart:

Where do you geht this shit?