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The Speed Of Life


®åvïñg §hëêþðhò£íç
The speed of light: 299,792,458 m / s
The speed of sound: 340.29 m / s

The speed we can't measure, the speed we control. Our minds, our thoughts, our words. The aspects of every single thing, the past.. The present.. The future. We worry about everything.

Our speed is a multi-directional force, an ego created dream of fear from our past, fear of our future.

But we completely forget about one main aspect. The aspect that controls what will happen. The aspect that controls how we will handle the thoughts of our past. The aspect which allows us to change everything. The present.

The present is our control center to stop worries about the past, it's our control center to turn around. It's the piece of us that truly matters. Not the past, not the future.

The past is gone, only the present will determine how we interpret past negative and positive thoughts. The future is ahead of us, not written in stone. It is created.

Created by the present.

The speed of true life: Now



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