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Angel of Death
I hope we all know the rules. But here they are; one person posts an open ended part of a story, and the rest of the people do so as well. they must have the same characters, feel, etc. (you can introduce new chars as long as they fit with in the start of the story.) you mustn't talk about the story, all your posts need to be a continuation of the story. Disable sigs.

It was New years Eve and all around people were celebrating. Drinking, kissing and holding their lover. It was perfect and everyone had smiles painted across their face as brightly colored metallic flakes of paper floated down around them. Parades of people dance about in the beautiful night with fireworks adorning the sky. It was peaceful and no one could look upon this scene and go with out feeling happy, that is accept for one.

She had long flowing black hair that swept across her face. Bright green eyes that glowed with in the darkness. Her skin was pure as the pale moon light and her lips a hauntingly blacken red. Her built was firm and strong, she had a soft pale white shirt that fell tightly over her full breast and black leather pants that hugged gently on her hips. Over that she wore a long trench coat, that hid two silver handled ivory pistols that road a long her hips. She wore an enchanted dagger strapped to her thigh. Throwing stars that rested at the tip of her fingers. Over the years she had study many forums of weapons and martial arts. She was dangerous in all the rights ways.

Long ago had she been cursed every New Years Eve to wait in the shadows like a wolf waits for it prey. However, her prey was not just any man or woman. It was of neither. It was killer with no heart in a human forum. A monster who could only be killed on this day, one minute before midnight. 60 seconds to strike. A duel she has danced and played in for many years.

She often wonder how one such as herself descend to such torment. Often times the only answer given to her is her memory of how she was chosen by her village to destroy him. If she failed what would be her price to pay. It was quite steep and that alone caused her to fight with all her might, but one simple mistake caused her to failed that first attempt. That mistake has forever cursed her to feel all the pains of the world until he, the demon, is destroyed. She has tried for over a thousand years to kill him and failed and over a thousands times.

She has chased him around the world, through centuries of kings, queens and deadly wars. She has watched him slowly shift time, people and places to do his bidding of nightmares upon the world. To force even more of his control onto the innocents of mortal men and woman.

Even though she is somewhat Immortal to time. She unlike him could be killed at anytime. She is his number one prey. He has hunted her fiercely with everything he has, all of which had failed. He vowed though that tonight would be their last meeting. That tonight her beautiful soul would be his.

It was now 5 minutes before midnight and not a sign of him, but she knew… he wouldn’t show himself until just two minutes before their dance of chance.


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She felt him before she saw him, moments across time and space shifted for thier meeting. He walked across the floor, his eyes like fire to match her cold green stare.

He was a perfect man, dark curls fell in all the right places, and eyes that burned in thier darkness. Taller than her, he was an imposing man, with tight, lithe muscles covered by loose red silk. Even the mortals sensed something as thier hairs stood on end and they unconsiously moved away.

Everything she was came to this instant, her reaction, one of swift grace as she felt him suddenly behind her. In one fluid motion she thrust her dagger from its hilt and spun it deep into his chest. The stars flew from her finger tips, perfect in thier motion, and struck at his face.

In nearly the same instant, she lifted from the earth, drawing her ivory pistols and letting them deal thier own death. It was like music, perfect and passionate as the bullets flew.

But he was not there, only the shadow of what she saw remained.

"Come, now, girl, did you think it would be that easy?" He whispered into her ear. "This is our last meet, child. Do you feel up to the task this time?"

"Show yourself, and let us play for real. Enough of the shadows you hide in like a rat! I will be your end!" She screamed, with all her anger and fear that she ignored, that inner fire that twisted her with the pain of ages, the anger of the gods, and her own vehemenance. "I am no longer a child, show me your true face, and let us begin!"

"Are you quite done yet?" Whispers, again, like sandpaper against her face. "One thousand ages, and you still insist on letting your emotion show. If you wish to fight me, you must first, find me."

"Games, its always a game with you. Let us just finish this at last, and be done with the mockery you have made of our gods, be done with your putrid touch on the world."

Time had slowed, as it had every time they met. Whether a trick of his or a gift of her gods, she did not know nor care. Laughter filtered to her from the crowd, but it was a slow, mocking laughter. She hated the mortals almost as she hated him. She hated them all. None felt the pain that she did, and none knew what she knew. Deep within her soul, her own darkness fought to surface.

Her weapon, a sword fashioned by the greatest blacksmith of ages even she could not recal, glowered from its holster. It was part of her, it thirsted and felt her pain. Nehemis, she had known as its name, the only sword of its kind in an age now without magic. Crafted by blacksmith and magi, it was the only weapon that could kill the thing she hunted, kill it and remove it from this existence. The last remnants of her world, fitted neatly against her hips. She drew Nehemis from its hilt, and felt the magic of it course through her blood. Like her, it was thirsty. And angry.

"I do not fear you sword, child" He moved out of the darkness, his true face showed only at the last minute before midnight. It was grotesque, a torturous skeleton, twisted with death and violence. The souls of those he took pooled in his eyes, thier screams whispered in his rasping voice.

She smiled, her white teeth glared against her dark red lips. "Perhaps not, but you will fear me."


Angel of Death
He laughed at her. He loved to toil with her like a cat with a mouse. She Drew her blade out in front of her and very preciely swung it up into the air slicing away at the flesh of her demon. Choping a chunk of his arm out. For a moment he screamed in Pain.

"Perhaps I should drop my human forum. Have you ever looked upon my true FACE." With that a swirl of darkness escaped into the air.

She was confused for a moment. She had less then a half a second of real time and he was still playing games. Still living her with a moment to strike. In half dazed and brave move she charged into the darkness what awaited her there stole her breath.