"the student"

wassup yall, im new to this wtf shit and id just like to introduce myself, the names eddy. Im a londoner with alot of pent up tension, and this sounds like the perfect mother fuckin website to do it on. Im not a regular on the net, but i was pissin about and i found this website by writin what the fuck in Google, and this piece of shit popped up.

i named this thread "the student" simply because im a student, there is no hidden message init, so if any of you smarmy mother fuckers think there is, think again. Im proud of being a student, and if any of you people think different, become one, its fuckin fun aswell.

Well, thats me, now to what im pissed off about. Have any of you seen "Big Brother 5" recently that is goin on in the UK? Its fucking bullshit, im sick off all the bitch-e-ness that goes on in that fuckin house and the fact that no one is frank in their, they are all total bullshit, two-faced, ignorant, vain bitches, and i hope to God they get heavily scrutnised by the media when they get there arses back to reality.

Enjoy ma piece, Eddy


Somewhere in the Between
welcome brother into the wtf colt now please sell you soul to us

jokin' welcome


Critical Update Notification Tool.
theres too many nobs posting on this thread... but any way...

too much text welcome

british peice o shit! lol jj