The Tainted Angel of Morning Glory


Angel of Death
My take on this painting when i reread the poem DG wrote and i relooked at the painting the words kind of spun off

Who is it that stands before this,
the dark mist of such dismay?
An angel with tainted white wings,
the last of a heavenly color...
So different from all others with feathers that
bring forth the red fire of bloodshed
dripping in sinful ways.
Showing the purple tears of heroes lost
raining down on the orange
of my last sunset.
Oh! Angel of morning glory....
You traded your innocents away
for the last dance of raven flight
against this the pale moonlight
of deceiving star filled nights.
oh Angel of darken beauty
I have but now tasted it from your cherry lips
felt your touch of mournful death
that bring me this my last breathe of hope.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Love it! Tellin ya kit, you and I need to collaborate more often! This is both sad and sexy, beautiful and dark. Excellent.