Scrapbook The Tattoo/Piercing Picture Thread!



On a whim one night, my fiance and I exchanged tattoos. He did this. "What you seek is seeking you" by Rumi, damn good poet from the 1200s

First tattoo. "Standing trial for your sins" The guy was surprised when I was giggling because it tickled instead of hurting. I like the feeling of tattoos. Probably emo to say.

Done by the same guy who did my first.
And on my other forearm is a wolf I did but don't like. I want to get it touched up with a few more wolves head, to look like a pack, and a sexy/evil red ridinghood in the pack.

Also want a whole back piece, my left shoulder and the majority of my left leg beneath the quote. A detailed, henna-like cobra wrapping up around it.