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The Tragedy of the Young-A memorial to JamesP

I did not know you,
Nor did you know me.
Yet, you touched my life,
By simply being you.
At such a young age,
It was not fair,
For God to take you away.
Here's to hoping you are in a better place,
And knowing that your memory will live on.
For, the tragedy of the young,
Is not their recklessness,
Nor is it their apathy.
The tragedy of the young,
Is that too often are their lives cut short,
And they are not given their fair shot,
At changing the world to make it their own.
So, here's to you, JamesP.
Let us all continue to remember you,
And in your memory,
Change the world one step at a time.
A touching poem, I'm sure he'd love to see what you've wrote about him.

as i cry a river of tears in your memory,
i ponder the nights, we sat up and talked,
i remember the drama we shared.
me talking you down, threw your first
pregnancy scare.
i laugh at the memories of us flaming eachother
when there was no one else around.
we shared many good times, and some bad.
you are our fallen angel,
we lost you too young.
you were a good friend to many,
a teacher to some.
you are taken from this earth,
given a pair of wings.
its time you learned to fly, now spread your wings.
time to join the heavenly bady, watching
and waiting.
alls i can hope for and wish, is that you are looking over us
help guide us on our way.
rest in peace james, you are a fallen angel
taken from us too young, you will always be in my heart and memories.

psalm 23

The Lord is my shepard; i shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.
He leadeth me besides the still waters.
He restoreth my soul, he leadeth me in the
paths of righteouness for his name sake
Yea, though i walk through the valley of the
shadow of death, i will fear no evil
for thou art with me, thy rod and
Thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the
presence of mine enimies
thou anointest my head with oil,
my cup runnethover.
Surely goodness and mercy shall folow
me all the days of my life.
and i will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.


nymph that is a very beautiful sure james woul dhave sppreciated it very much.
how do you properly morn a good friend lost that you never new?
its an odd world, making friends over the net.
though james and i were good friends,
many hours spent flaming or teasing eachother.
this is an odd feeling.


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
I don't want to step on any religious toes here, but here goes.

I think James sees all of this, if he wants to. I don't think death stops the soul. Beautful poems. We mourn because WE will miss the person, they still see us.


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To JamesP, I just wanna say peace. Not peace as in just an expression used to say bye, but peace, peace of the mind, body, of the heart, just peace in every sense of the word, to James.
OmegaZeto said:
Classic. People write great poetry and NOVELS, and get no replies. No critiques. Nothing. Alcohol-swilling troll asphyxiates himself and he gets no less than 5 threads and a page of poetry. Great priorities.
This isn't for critiques. It is to remember JamesP and pay some sort of tribute to him. Others are welcome to put their poems written about him in this thread. JamesP was one of the better posters I've seen on this site, and I'll miss his intelligent posts as will many others who knew him.
if you were talking about james in your post there, just watch what you say. have some respect for him. if you didn't know him then keep your mouth and views out of here. he was a good friend to me and i will miss him terribly.


Eyeless Pilot
I didn't know James the way you all did, but I do still care about his poor soul. Dying at his age, with so much life to live stretched out before him, is a terrifying idea. People like him may get a slight inkling of death in their lives at times, but few actually say things like "when I drink this bottle, am I going to die tonight?" Thank God we do NOT think like that normally, or we would have difficulty functioning.

I've had horrible "visions" of dying suddenly of random things, and James's death happens to be one that I've imagined myself. I used to drink a lot and whenever I drank enough to get sick, I worried that I might pass out and die. I always fought to stay awake when sick from alcohol, scared shitless that if I pased out, it would be over for me.

Thinking about these things has helped me to understand better the situation here about James. Remembering my own underage binging and near-death experiences has given me an insight into this that I did not have when his death was announced. I apologize for coming off as a dickhead about the whole mess, and rescind any negative comments I made about James, his death, and the wonderful dedication and attention you have all shown to honoring him.


Dain Bramaged
I never knew jamesP but all I can say is that I hope to make the kind of impact on people's live that he apparetlly has made on some of yours...

RIP jamesP, may we meet in another life...:thumbsup:


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Rest in peace, JamesP.

Well.. I wont comment this more than I did - I have mixed-up feeling about death, but:

Does anyone know how exactly did he die?