The True Flame

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Banned - What an Asshat!
HavokChylde said:
<poster>, you are a dirty mosquito. You suck. You have a big nose which is perfect for skiing, and you flood the room with snot when you breath in and out. Women want to kill you, and men want to pee on you. You've failed at life, and you probably won't make it out of the garbage can you live in, alive. Just give up now, and work in a convenience store.
Will that work DG?

lmao. Everyone wants to pee on me. perverts.

You seem to be missing something, I think it may be your intellect. The lab called your mother to say that your monkey brain was ready to replace the rat brain that you have now. Speaking of your mother, she loves my big black bertha dildo. You need to tell the bitch to quit calling me. Oh, and you know, it really strange that you wear panties from the little girl section at walmart. seriously, the mary kate and ashley thing is so yesterday.

Jamesp: Any time dude. See, Im not always a power hungry cunt. lmao
Not open for further replies.