The Ultima Guide to Building the Ultimate Gaming Computar!11one! *HUMOR, NOT SERIOUS*


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So, you want a nice PC with all the fixings? I can help you! For as little as $50, you can build the world's most powerful computar! In fact, it may be so fast it's illegal!

For the videyo card, u hav two options (My hands r getting tired so im going 2 type quiker LOL)

if u want fast, get the Dimond Montsar 3dee. It's Voodoo 1 chipset is so fast, it's kind of ridiculous. Performance graf:


Buy 1 hear:

For balls out, uber l33t performance, you have teh Voodoo 2 SLi. It's maeks me hoarny! It's much faster than ennvidia's solution:

Peformance Bars.


Then, you have the ultimate balls out card! The S3 Trio3D! A whopping 2MB of texture memory can make a guy jizz!

It's used for government use only, so getting one useful to use for ur own use is really hard to be useful! But don't lose teh faith!


Now, for the CPU:


A hamster on a wheel is the best budget option. This one is teh AMD 3XTREME mega styled, LOL! Feed it steroids to ovarclock it!

The next best option is the:


It's so underrated! It has 16 kylobits of main floor cahce, and the P4 has eight! Also, with a suparcollider and a nuclear reactor, you can get it up to 6GHz leik me! But my daddy works at Three Mile Island, so that doesn't count LOL!

It plays my blink182 and dashboard confessional like a charm!

~Kristy (I'll probobly leave the forum after three posts like everyone who posts a tilde and their name at the end, LOL!)

I'm Dr. Krevslokowitzstein, and I'm currently the "cool guy" at my local Temple because I can save people lots of pennies! You may notice my font is old, well, that's because my Intarnweb machine is a PC's Limited brand 286 with 1MB of RAM and Windows 3.0! And yes, it has multimedia extensions :D. My gaming machine is an Apple II, and I always smoke people at LAN parties.

For the motherboard, you have two options: ECS and ECS.

Just use ur ford taurus as a power supply LOL!

I only use keyboards and mice from DEC PDP-1's. I love using toggle switches to control my marine in Doom, because I can't afford a keyboard.

-Samir Nasaasasasashhheealap from Bangladesh

RCA makes great monitors LOL!111one! Their 5" Black and White TV is great, but it's really racist!

-ACLU Worker

My display is 640x480. I just bought a Presario :-D!

U can always use pieces of paper as ur memory and hard dick LOL!

My Sega Genesis is the fastest PC on my block.

This guide was compiled from various forums, including Fark, Computing.Net, DriverGuide, and eBay.

Actually, I wrote it myself. Fuck you if you don't believe me.



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Was that supposed to be funny? That was ab-so-fucking-lutley retarded.

What the Fuck?


Hahaha my mums old 300mhz pc had an S3 Trio. Most fucked up thing in the entire computer, always causing problems.


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You should make an animation about it...or give me some pictures and voiceovers and ill do it.

edit: how the fuck does this point system work? i had 8 points yeterday and now i have like 29385029385023095802935.


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Liberation said:
You should make an animation about it...or give me some pictures and voiceovers and ill do it.

I can do it, LOL! I no how to use flash!

It can have a soundtrack by taking back sunday.

~Kristy (WOW, TWO POSTS, LOL! I should be leaving soon...)