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Headlines The US is adamant and NK is well....


In Memory...
I really don't know what to think about this whole debacle.

North Korea Says U.S. Is Undermining Nuclear Talks (Update1)

Sept. 15 (Bloomberg) -- North Korea said the U.S. refusal to its demand for internationally funded light-water nuclear reactors is undermining talks in Beijing aimed at dismantling the communist nation's nuclear weapons program.
The talks ``are not showing progress because of the differences of opinion between (North Korea) and the U.S.,'' said Hyun Hak Bong, who identified himself as a spokesman for the North Korean delegation, during a rare press briefing at the Diaoyutai Hotel in western Beijing. The hotel is next to the Diaoyutai Guesthouse, where the six-nation talks are being held.
The U.S. has been trying to persuade North Korea to drop its demand for the reactors since talks began Sept. 13, according to U.S. chief delegate Christopher Hill. North Korea also wants the U.S. to withdraw nuclear weapons from within striking distance of North Korea, another sticking point in talks with the U.S., China, Japan, Russia and South Korea.
``The basic stumbling block is the light-water reactor issue,'' Hyun said, reading from a one-page statement. ``Our position is that we receive light-water reactors in return for giving up our (existing) reactors.'' He declined to take any questions from reporters.
The U.S. insists on scrapping the two partially built facilities and dismantling the reactor at Yongbyon, from which North Korea this year extracted 8,000 spent fuel rods, the first step in processing plutonium that can arm warheads.
``There wasn't any progress,'' Hill said in a press briefing as he returned to Beijing's China World Hotel from today's discussions. North Korea ``has made it very clear their main issue and their only issue is a light-water reactor. You know, no other nation is prepared to offer North Korea a light-water reactor.''
The North Korean spokesman disagreed.
``Other parties in the talks have expressed their understanding of the problem but the U.S. is blindly refusing to us the light-water reactors,'' Hyun said. ``The U.S. is asking us to abandon our nuclear program without fulfilling its own task.''
A meeting earlier today between North Korea and the U.S. ended without bridging differences, Hill said. The heads of the delegations met around 4 p.m. today, China's state-run, Xinhua News Agency reported.
``North Korea has made it clear it won't dismantle its nuclear weapons program until it has a light-water reactor,'' Hill said. ``We have a bit of a standoff.''
Still, North Korea is willing to continue the talks, Hyun said.
``We are unchanged in our position to resolve the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula peacefully through dialogue,'' North Korea's Hyun said. ``We will make every effort to lead these talks to success.''
Coaxing Neighbor
To coax its northern neighbor to abandon its nuclear weapons program, South Korea in July pledged to build transmission lines and pylons to supply 2,000 megawatts of electricity from the South to houses and factories in the North.
South Korea has continued to provide humanitarian assistance to the North throughout the nuclear standoff to help soften the resolve of the communist state.
North Korea's demand for light-water reactors ``is not for the other five parties something they're willing to provide or to respond positively to such a request,'' State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said at a press briefing in Washington yesterday, according to the department's Web site.
China takes a neutral position on whether North Korea's request for a light-water reactor should be part of the agreement, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said during a regular press briefing in Beijing today.
``We believe that any legitimate need expressed by any one side should be discussed,'' Qin said. ``Whether this request is accepted depends on negotiations and compromises reached.''
Dismantling Weapons
He declined to comment on a report in Tokyo Shimbun, a Japanese daily paper, that China's chief negotiator, Wu Dawei, had suggested an unofficial deadline of Sept. 18 for the talks. Qin declined to comment.
The U.S. insists on scrapping the two partially built facilities and dismantling the reactor at Yongbyon, from which North Korea this year extracted 8,000 spent fuel rods, the first step in processing plutonium that can arm warheads.
North Korea ``has been engaged in nuclear energy now for some 25 years,'' Hill said today. ``They have not succeeded in turning it into electricity, they have succeeded in turning it into plutonium matter. One should keep that in mind when talks about further enhancement of their nuclear program.''
The fourth round of talks broke up Aug. 7 after the North demanded the U.S. withdraw nuclear weapons from within striking distance of North Korea and stood by its atomic power stance. Talks resumed after a 37-day recess. Three previous rounds of talks have failed to produce an agreement.

I can't see how giving North Korea light-water reactors would be a bad thing, if it would convince them to scrap their unsuccessful program, which , btw, is making nothing but a plutonium-like waste product.


some fairly recent history...

Jimmy Carter's visited North Korea in 1994. A product of Carter's meeting with North Korea's President, Kim Il-Sung, was the neutralization of North Korea's nuclear program in exchange for the commencement of dialogue with the U.S., the first in 40 years.

unfortunately that all changed in an instant when Kim Il-Sung died at the age of 82.

The Clinton administration handled affairs with north korea quite well, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright wined and dined with the communist dictator Kim Jong Il, just 5 years ago.

ever since president bush took control, relations have been more hostile. Kim Jong Il despises him, probably after his country was mention in the famous "axis of evil" speech