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the VA blows...(Fuck you America)


Oppressing your posts...
so when you join the military they make the deal more sweet to get you to sign by promising you a VA home loan. "Yeah!!! Join up and after 4 years you can get a Guarenteed VA Home Loan!"


Oh yeah.. its Guarenteed by the VA.... To the bank... not you... of course the bank considers military guarentees to be toilet paper because thats what they are and you have the same chance at the loan as if you just applied for a regular one.. Actually prolly less because the VA demands the loan cannot go over 6.5%...

So you can figure out by now I tried to buy a house and applied for the loan to be turned down over my credit score/history... Chris Farley said it best "If you want I can take a shit in a box and mark it Guarenteed.. I got time"...

so in a nutshell if your joining the military thinking your gonna get all these benifits in the end that everyone will honor... think again... you leave out 4 years or more older... with nothing to show for it and everyone still fucking you... I'd hate to see how much of an assfuck trying to the MGIB is... If this is how America treats its defenders... You all can defend yourselves.. I'm done...