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the vastness of the interwebnets

Internets Opinion?

  • It's too big, i'm confused

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • i like that i'm connected to the world

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • both

    Votes: 5 45.5%

  • Total voters

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
im surfing the web today and it just hit me that i am so connected to everything. i mean, i knew that i was. but im browsing CDs, and normally i have to look for some of the shit i like, but i just find it instantly. and then there's the other side of the blade, the fact that the internet is so large that you mean nothing. the internet functions without me.


Hacker just means someone who codes or 'hacks' code, or other technology, into doing things it wasn't originally meant to. Stupid media made the term 'hacker' bad.

Cracker is someone who breaks into computers and networks.