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Fringe The Voynich Manuscript

I was watching a show on the History Channel the other night that was about the Voynich Manuscript. The top code crackers of the CIA and of any organization today cannot discover the meaning of the Voynich Manuscript.

Apparently they don't know what constitutes a letter in the Voynich Manuscript. Some Emperor in The Holy Roman Empire, I think it was that, was highly interested in the Occult and had the book in his possession for some time. I don't think he knew what it said but if he did he didn't tell anyone.

Some think it holds the meaning of life while others believe it is nothing but elegant gibberish, we may never know what it does say. I don't know what it's about but it very well could be nothing more than gibberish.

Here are some pictures from the Voynitch Manuscript:

And here's a sample of the writting which is inside the Manuscript:

The site of which I got these pictures from is this:
I didn't read most of what is written on this site but I did say what I heard on The History Channel.


A Rampant Vagitarian
Just found this topic.. Highly interesting. I have read few articles regarding the Voynich manuscript. the most recent was on "Tieteen Kuvalehti".

"the Voynich Manuscript" has gotten it´s name from the man who bought it from Italy in 1912, Wilfrid Voynich. It contains 234 pages, and is illustrated with images of mostly unknown plants and astronomy. When the manuscript was bought by Voynich it containde also a letter saying that stated that an emperor of the saxoromanian empire Rudolf II had bought in the late 16th century with 600 dukats (3,5kg of gold).. Rudolf is told having been quite sure that it was written by an english philosopher Roger Bacon in the 13th century.

To make it easier to interpret the manuscript scientists have translated the signs for latin letters.. Most words seem to consist of three parts. Words are repeated more often than most of the known languages.
Many have claimed to having broken the code, but that has always turned up to be false. After the 1970´s the manuscript has been widely regarded as a hoax to fool the emperor. The "words" are just meaningless letters after one another.

Gabriel Landini tried the Zipf law (that meaningless letters when put in the diagram form a horizontal line) on the manuscript and noticed that it was not just letters in random order. The letters followed each other after a certain order. Enthropy was also used to test the code. It revealed that the code is (or imitates) an arabic or other oriental writing, as it has a possibility to "quess" the next sign after 9-10 signs. (in for example english this is 8-9)

Grodon Rugg approached the problem from a new angle. He started searching for a 400 year-old mechanical device that could have coded such a text. After a long search he found the Cardan grille, invented by Girolamo Cardano int eh 16th century.. It works like this. You write syllables into paper after a certain way. Then you take the "grille" (the paper with that has eg 3 holes cut into it) and put it on top of the paper with the syllables. The first three words are the first words of the code. Then you replace the paper and so on and so on.. Text that is done like this has a certain systemathic order, and the number of words are limited, so the text wont seem like gibberish.. Rugg said that this would explain the fact that most of the words are six-letters long and their variation is smaller than in most indoeuropean languages.
Based on this, Rugg finally stated taht the text is nothing more than a hoax.. It is believed that the author was a british alchemist known for his frauds, Edward Kelley..