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Eye Candy The Well Deserved Mooby Thread


I use my daughter, she's >40. I'm more hardcore than you.
They sell Altus+ suits that are 50 fucking pounds. I tried them all and the 25 was the only one I could wear and still do more than one set of anything.

Wear it for an hour while working out and when you take it off you feel like you are completely weightless. It's delicious.


I was disappointed to come here and see that I'm the only image in this thread right before posting another :( We want to see all these goodies from our awesome WTF ladies but we wont put out too?

I don't care if you have fucking sagging man titties, POST THEM BAD BOYS HERE!!! ITS ALL ABOUT LOVE BABY! Seriously, I challenge all the men here. We need to start showing some more love and loyalty to WTF!? Don't you guys miss the regular activity here?! I didn't even get to fucking experience it and I do :(

The pic below is me at 238. The pic I posted last, above here, was me at 220ish. Its not all fat gains. I would say literally about 70% muscular bulk and the remaining is some chubs. But I do this every year. February is ending so you know cut season starts in a week baby!! Enjoy my mitties!!!

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Forgive me, I thought page 28 was code for page 1.
No real moobs. No motorboat material. I'm disappointed all you people are in good shape -- fuck health, muscles and longevity, guys. :mob:
I think I understand... You want some moobs with a little more meat on them... And by meat I mean fat. Well, ask and you shall receive. I thought I had posted in here before, but apparently not. So, here goes.