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the word n00b

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Banned - What an Asshat!
har-har-har said:
i edited my post so now its not flaming, its a question, and anyways you called me a noob, doesn;t that count as flaming?

Ohhh, I called you a n00b... I flamed you... I am getting cockfarm... wow.. so cool...

Fucking n00bs!

You're an idiot.

If the word "noob" makes your life suck, then you indeed should commit suicide like half the people on here who bitch about how bad their life is, when actually they're a bunch of noobs who should stfu.

Moved to Bait and Tackle, because I feel like enjoying the stupidity of you. And such. Etc. Wee. :thumbsup:
just think of the wonderful word of forums like boot camp :thumbsup: you start out at the bottom(n00b) then you slowly work your way up the ladder. eventually you make it well hell i don't know, but right now your at the bottom, your pointless, have no real say in anything and no one gives a crap. hell i've been here for a while now and still no one gives a crap what i say unless it has something to do with boobies :rolleyes: so get over it and move on.
Not open for further replies.