WTF ... IS WTF!?
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The WTF-ies


The Iron Lung
We should get like an award 'show' going in IRC one of these nights....we'll set aside a date and make sure the most people can make it...Then we'll give out shit like "Best Flame", "Best Creative Submission"....etc.

It'll take some time to coordinate but i think it'll be fun....I think IRC would be cooler because its like immediate reactions...but if it would be easier to just do it in the forums then w/e.

Suggestions for a name would also be welcome.


Click click boom
and the awards you recieve could show up in your profile and near your name in your reply boxes as little icons as well.

name name, who's got the name?

i got it! the WTF-ies! wait, oh.

good name, bro! :thumbsup: