I think all persons who reply to the "OMG I wanna die what should I do?!!?1!!!?!1?1?1?!?!?!??!!!" threads with a serious tone, should be compensated by the individual asking for advice. I'm thinking a rate structure based upon words of relavance should be used. Maybe $0.05 per word off the top, with getting a 20% cut of all earnings. This would facilitate the ability to hold more contests where prizes are given away, and maybe even some ads on other sites. Basically, it is a win win situation for all parties involved. The Questioners get the questions answered, the repliers get an incentive for replying seriously, and the site administration gets a cut to help cover the cost of upkeep, (as I'm sure the cost of having a fully funcitonal "Cock Farm" has to be in the area of a bazillion dollars).

I could do a case study, as my experience in such studies is widely renowned, to weigh all costs/benefits/pros/cons or any other combination of variables.


The Iron Lung
Maybe i'm reading this wrong but....

do you really believe that our members are qualified to counsel people through suicide attempts? I think someone would end up getting sued.

again...I dont think I read it right.

The Enlightener

I think that it sounds like a good idea because it would start a new business and could even help people out. If it was done right as it sounds you could have something new that could work. This is because sometimes people just need to talk to anyone, even if they dont know them ,about something and it helps them. This is because peoples problems are not really that bad they just need a way to communicate with others and a way to get things off their mind. It sounds like a good idea and I definetly like it but it would take alot of work but ah WTF just do it. But if you get rich I'll better get some$$$$$.