Things I learn Being a Military Wife


Angel of Death
Gather this from Jesse's 19 month deployment.

You learn how to pack 50lbs of stuff into a $7 flat rate box and mail it to the post office.

You become intune with 3 am wake up calls about dumb stuff or things you don't even care about or understand

THe military is NEVER on TIME unless it something for the miltiary.

The military can never supply you with any details but are always willing to answer questions.

They will take 5 hours to brief you on something that you understand and get the point of in the first 5 minutes.

The military LOVES power point. Fact they have one for just about everything. (We had a power point prestantion for what our troops did for x-mass. )

Like WTF?

Always read the leave papers the moment your soldier gets off the plane.

If your soldier misses his flight back to Iraq.... there is a 1-800- number on the back of his leave papers that you can call... Trust me. THEY MAKE SURE HE GETS BACK.

if you soldier is lucky enough to get leave it's 3 weeks past the date they say he will get leave.

Your soldier who flys home on a civilain flight will be drunk when he steps off the plane (all 8 of mine were from people buying them drinks)

OPSEC... is not your friend

Everything is Subject to change.

Everything is on an Unknown date at an unknown time. But you are expected to be there....

You learn to hide your soldier's parn better.

You realize why you are shipping these guys parn after watching 5 minutes of hoggie parn.

Never smoke cigs from Iraq or allow them to be smoked in your house. In fact ship your Soldiers Cigs.

do not expect anymore then a 3 day notice of when your soldier is to come home.

If they tell you that the building you are waiting in will be heated... wear extra clothing. The military does not graps the concept of HEAT.