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Things that make you go, "holy shit!"


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
This thread is for legitimate stories/news, pictures (censored if in contradiction to rules) or personal experiences that made you go, "holy shit!"

…and please don’t post: “holy shit, look at voids postcount!”.

I'll begin:

Annabel Chong; The World’s Biggest Gang Bang. (From a recent documentary on channel 4[UK]) -No direct link to source submitted due to the site's links/content.

Her porn titles are typical of the genre with one exception: her pioneering World’s Biggest Gang Bang 1, in which she has sex with 251 guys.

"Cracks in this scenario emerge quickly. It’s hard, for example, to reconcile her forced smiles and screams of passion after the 50th, 100th, or 250th slobbering guy with body language that says she’s pretty much a psychological wreck."

There was a moment where the record was under threat; one of the men had cut her nether regions with his nails, but she bit her lip and carried on.

Holy shit!

But it gets worse: "What she didn’t know was that the film reveals that many of the men weren’t even given an HIV test, in spite of assurances to the contrary."

What a fuck up; I pity her.

Oh, she is now the former "champion" of The World’s Biggest Gang Bang...:happysad:

C'mon, make me go, "holy shit!"


before we start, let me say that i was going to say "hoy shit, look at voids post count".:)

on with the thread


here's the video and article.
this will REALLY make you go holy shit:
A man in New York was videotaped catching and saving a soot-covered 3-month-old baby tossed from a burning third-floor apartment window.

The mother screamed for help from her apartment window.

Police said a fire broke out in the kitchen of a third-floor apartment Wednesday, leaving a woman mother and her baby trapped in their apartment unit.

When the woman noticed building superintendent Felix Vazquez under the window, she dropped the baby.

Surveillance video at the apartment complex showed the baby falling from the third-floor apartment and into the arms of Vazques.

Vasques caught the soot-covered boy "like a football" and blew air into his lungs in order to get him breathing again.

"I grabbed the baby like a football," Vasques said. "She threw the baby across, and that's when I ran in and just caught him just in time, and gave him a quick mouth. He coughed and he started yelling and crying."

Vasques didn't know what the woman was holding out of the window until after she let the newborn baby drop.

The mother said that she "prayed" that someone would catch her son and "save his life."

Firefighters were able to rescue the mother, and now both are doing fine.

"It's just a miracle, a miracle," Vasques said. "Especially in the holidays, now. It was a beautiful thing."

Vasques is a catcher on his employer's baseball team, according to the report.


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A Japanese man has died after being tackled by fellow train passengers who believed he had molested a woman during the morning rush hour.



Oppressing your posts...
saw this and thought to myself... "well, when I was a practicing catholic, I assumed my shits were kinda holy after taking communion"


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Back to Anabell Chong . I saw a similar documentory and she said to this day she has never been paid for the video . The whole thing was only to pay $10,000 . That seem pretty cheap for that much risk . Holy Shit .