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"Thinking" means NO ONE should know about it!


Raging Hermaphrodite
Is there anything that could possibly ruin the experience of attempting the very hard and very last level of an old-school 2D video game?

Bingo, fuckers: people who think aloud. And my mom has to be the founder of this new annoying practice.

Idiots, we've got a brain for a reason, to THINK. And THINKING means THINKING with your fucking HEAD. If it's not enough that my mom has to choose to pack the living room just when things start getting nasty in the game, she has to do it while gifting herself with a solo conversation about in which fucking box she'll put the VCRs that we never watch anyway. And, she asks for for my advice. For your information, this is the reason why I told my dad most of my games couldn't be paused: so that my parental units would stop asking me shit every 30 seconds while I'm attempting to finally get a bit of fun out of the stuff I play with.

If you're an adept that letting absolutely everyone in town know about what you're thinking right now, STOP. I proclaim this crime to be punishable by death, motherfuckers.


Somewhere in the Between
i like talking to myself out loud its fun..............but for some reason everyone stares at me i don't know why


Skyline-Cobra said:
i like talking to myself out loud its fun..............but for some reason everyone stares at me i don't know why
It might be that funny tight white jacket you have on...... I dont think this is the season to be wearing white..... :)


ah, I talk to myself and I think I'm a pretty funny guy. Unfortunately other people usually just think I'm mean when I talk to them....

FFIII and CT can be paused in game so that's all the matters, or were you lying about the pausing thing so they wouldn't talk to you? Which would make sense.

Anywho GL with your chatty annoying parents.
If i'm driving or walking by myself and have been for a while... i'll start talking to myself, even though i don't want to. it's wierd