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Headlines This is fucked up

Brain Spout

Wizard No More

there are just some people who take the internets too seriously.

this sick fuck posted this:
"That fucker had it coming to him. I can't tell you where I am, but I can tell you I love free wireless internet. I know some of you like those fools, but they were trying to front and I can't let that lie. If anyone sees my brother, let him know that band practice is cancelled."


"bruce, yeah they were pretty stupid, but they didn't deserve to die. not like this. not for just using bad grammar or calling you names. i mean c'mon, IT'S THE FUCKING INTERNETS, people say all kinds of stupid shit. you know that. at least i thought you did."

i cant believe someone killed two people over the internets... it just makes you think dont fuck around, dont flame mentally unstable people. i mean if i make a post saying that this guy is a sick fuck will he come to my house and blow me up? this proves how fucking scary this world is. this fucker needs the death penalty:
fuck rehabilitation

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
This is shocking, It really is, so messed up, what if he keeps doing it?
They're some crazy people out there.
Wizard is right, he does need the death penatly, they haven't done anything wrong, but he took it open himself to go kill innocent people, because of 'dis-respect' over the Internet. This is sick.


Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý
i dunno if its a Hoax or not but this made me wonder about one lil topic in B&T "who should die"........

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
meh_it_all said:
This is proof to say this is a joke;

It is a sick joke.
nice find meh!

they still deserve some kind of punishment, i dont know if what they did is in any way illegal (i dont think it is), but that shit is sick. at this point i think that radpin and not bruce is the sicker fuck.


I think it would cool to have someone from this site go postal on someone. Can you immagine the traffic this site would get?


Chaotic Neutral
i dunno if its a Hoax or not but this made me wonder about one lil topic in B&T "who should die"........
Yeah I made that thread. If you have a problem, say it to my face.

hehehe :p
I'm glad that's just a hoax.
Holy shit, this is an incredibly well made hoax. Props to whoever created it.